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  1. Re: EDL.. European Draft League.. Drafts/Match Reports/Discussion Thread!.. Hey mate. Can u pick for me? Kinda in a mess now. I don't wanna hold everything back x.x
  2. Re: FANTASY Draft League Well. sorry if i disappoint u then. Dont hold it against me :x
  3. Re: FANTASY Draft League It might be a trick! luring people away from the players he really want :D
  4. Re: FANTASY Draft League Lets hope we dont come to that. But its hard to believe that all will be there x.x
  5. Re: FDL Draft picks + Teams + Reports/News etc. AC MILAN :D Draft List 1. XAVI 2. NEUER 3. MATA 4. KROOS 5. PUYOL 6. DROGBA 7. MARIN, Marko 8. VIDAL 9. KHEDIRA 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  6. Re: EDL SIGN UP!.. European Draft League.. I think I'm blind I can't find round 1 picks. O_O
  7. Re: EDL SIGN UP!.. European Draft League.. Finally for me. Got my list up :D
  8. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Shakhtar moves into the semi final after beating FC porto 3 - 1. LLORENTE with 1 goal, other 2 by KLOSE. Delighted by the players effort that we were able to make it this far. Facing Lille OSC in the SEMI. Hoping to take advantage of this game. While the other match has INTER v REALMADRID GoodLuck all :D:D
  9. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) Bayern 1 - 2 Barcelona Got Through the first round of the cup. Delighted with the results as Villa and Messi gets on the scoresheet
  10. Re: Forum World Championship I do not like the idea of having 300m x.x Maybe i'll withdraw too
  11. Re: EDL SIGN UP!.. European Draft League.. I'll work on my shortlist. thanks for invite
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