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  1. Hi, I've joined a Gameworld and took over a club with a squad of 21 meaning I can't buy or sell as I'm minus £12m in my accounts. Is there anything I can do other than resign?!
  2. Re: Italian Championship 1019 Perugia's coach said his team are fighting against relegation, adding: "We are in a big battle to survive but the ultimate goal is promotion."
  3. Re: Italian Championship 1019 Hi all, I've joined this league, managing Perugia in Division 3. Hope it's an active one with lots of forumers because I like to interact on the message boards and discuss the game!
  4. Re: Bartra or Montoya Damn - Montoya is unavailable. I might go for Bartra unless anyone else has any other options for my transfer search?
  5. I've got about £5.8m to spend on a RB/RM and these are getting my interest. Which one to go for?
  6. Re: Martin Caceres or Salvatore Bochetti? Too late! I went for Caceres.
  7. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Had an £168,000 offer for Johann Goderz, a £10k signing. Sounds a very low price, hoped it would be bigger. Accept?
  8. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Federico Marchetti 70 > 74
  9. Looking for a back up defender. These two come into my range, which one of them to go for?
  10. Re: Riferimento: The Best Talent of 10k Awesome. Hope that translates into a ratings increase
  11. Advice required on buying an experienced defender for my Game World. In it, we're having to do external buys filled with exchanges. I'm including Ross Barkley (4.6m) and another player, Jake Bidwell (£1.6M) to include a deal. I've checked out Phil Jagielka, 90, and he plays regularly and may stay at that rating I think. Any other names worth considering? Thanks
  12. Re: Soccer Manager is now available on Android (Mobile / Tablets) If anyone downloads the app and could give some thoughts on it, be much appreciated. Although I imagine it's hard to do much on an app on your phone. Prefer laptop but for basic information, app could be handy.
  13. Re: Marcel Schmelzer Thanks for the recommendation guys. Schmelzer's had an increase today
  14. I've got a fairly small first team squad and my players tend to get tired especially with a three game in three days situation. I normally leave my big name players out if they have a percentage in the 70s-early 80s but how quickly does that percentage go up over the course of a day before they are 100%? And also at what percentage would you play players at, in terms of their fitness? How low would you go before resting them? Thanks
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