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  1. Re: player rating prediciton for LB! PLZ HELP!! EL KAOUTARI, Abdelhamid is your best option. he'll probably rise from 78 to about 83 and he's only 20 years old
  2. Re: Spanish Ratings definitely keep Albiol and trade Lucio for Vidic
  3. Re: Fabio CANNAVARO I'd try to go for a younger lad lad even if he would be much more expensive. Someone like Pique, Vermaelen, Kjaer, Subotic etc
  4. Re: Guide me thru except for Vieira you should buy all those lads. The order? Hmmm... Kroos, Muller, Badstuber, Pjanic, Dzagoev, Di Maria, Boateng, Sahin, Vucinic, Hernanes i guess
  5. Re: Moussa SISSOKO probably stay for now
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings Do you watch Atletico on a reglar basis? 'cause on the other thread about De Gea where you stop posting a few weeks ago you say you didn't
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings Have you even read what i wrote?
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings Let alone the ratings, do you think De Gea is a better goalkeeper than Asenjo and he will hold on to the starting place for the rest of the season? Anyone watching Atletico on a regular basis who can give us some inside info?
  9. Re: Looking for a CF! HELP! Bent is also an option if you can afford him
  10. Re: Help with These CB's ?! TERRY, John - 95 --> 95 PIQUE, Gerard - 92 --> 93/94 GARAY, Ezequiel - 91 --> 91/92 THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano - 90 --> 91 VERMAELEN, Thomas - 90 --> 91 ROLANDO, Jorge - 90 --> 90 CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro - 90 --> 89 BRENO, Vinicius - 86 --> 85 Definitely sell Breno and Chygrynski, keep the others
  11. Re: Javier HERNANDEZ yeah... the same situation here
  12. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Phil, i know you're a Borussia Dortmund fan. How high do you rate Grosskreutz? I only watched few of Borussias games this season, but i've seen enough to rate Barrios very high. About Grosskreutz i didn't notice anything special beside his work rate. Some opinions?
  13. When is the transfer window closing? The last time i played SM transfers were available all the time And how long is available an offer from an external club? 1 week? 2 weeks? thanks
  14. Re: Need back up.... Leonardo Bonucci/Davide Astori, Delvin Ndinga and Javier Hernandez
  15. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010
  16. Re: Iliyan MICANSKI He scored 5 goals in Zaglebies last 3 games (2-0 for Micanskis team in all 3 games). Impressive
  17. Re: Liviu Ganea (Romanian Striker) He's scored 10 goals in Liga 1 so far this season. Timisoara tried to buy him, but Dinamos chairman didn't want to sell him, so probably he will return in the summer (if Marius Niculae will be sold, then Liviu Ganea might even get a place in the first XI)
  18. Re: Young Talents: Sell or Keep? You should keep N'Koulou too, he's a starter for Monaco who aren't doing bad in Ligue 1 and he's just 19. Also a starter for Cameroon, lot of potential for this lad
  19. Re: Is this a good deal? You can go for Bent too. He will be quite cheap, Sunderland being an external club in most setups and he really does the job. He's already scored 20 goals in Premier League this season and i think he has a shot at the NT for the WC. Will definitely rise if he keeps up and he's a better player than Gignac
  20. Re: Alexandru Ionita (Romanian Scoring/Assisting Beast) Just ran into this thread accidentally. One addition: he's a Benzema-style player, not a RvP one (i watch him play pretty often as i'm from Romania)
  21. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB) It seems that you overlooked my question, so i thought i should bump this
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