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  1. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings

    Where will Diakite rise to' date=' when SM review Italy?[/quote']

    Who says he has to rise? :P

    He only plays once in a while, he's not a regular and Lazio aren't doing good, even if they won the last 2 games. He's already 85, so either he'll stay, either he'll rise by 1 point, it depends on how things work for him in the near future

  2. Re: Spanish Ratings

    De Gea is a better GK and yes De Gea will remain the number 1 GK at Atletico.

    Do you watch Atletico on a reglar basis? 'cause on the other thread about De Gea where you stop posting a few weeks ago you say you didn't

  3. Re: Spanish Ratings

    Short term

    De Gea + 8 = 88

    Asenjo -2 = 86

    Long term both very good but I suspect if Asenjo was that good he would be first choice now. Asenjo is a good long term prospect but he needs to move club.

    Can't see Asenjo winning the starting place back anytime soon.

    Why buy Asenjo now when you can save a bundle and buy him after he drops? Tasty saving with the wages also.

    Have you even read what i wrote? :confused::rolleyes:

  4. Re: Spanish Ratings

    Let alone the ratings, do you think De Gea is a better goalkeeper than Asenjo and he will hold on to the starting place for the rest of the season? Anyone watching Atletico on a regular basis who can give us some inside info?

  5. Re: Help with These CB's ?!

    TERRY, John - 95 --> 95

    PIQUE, Gerard - 92 --> 93/94

    GARAY, Ezequiel - 91 --> 91/92

    THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano - 90 --> 91

    VERMAELEN, Thomas - 90 --> 91

    ROLANDO, Jorge - 90 --> 90

    CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro - 90 --> 89

    BRENO, Vinicius - 86 --> 85

    Definitely sell Breno and Chygrynski, keep the others

  6. Re: Who should i sell ?

    I don't think Bent will make the England squad tbh. I think Rooney and Defoe are certain to go' date=' Capello likes Heskey and Crouch did brilliantly against Egypt. Given Sunderland's league position I don't see him hitting 90.[/quote']

    Let's take a look at the 5 best scorers ratings in PL this season:

    Rooney - 96 - 26 goals

    Drogba - 96 - 22 goals

    Bent - 89 - 20 goals

    Defoe - 91 - 17 goals

    Torres - 96 - 16 goals

    Also, let's take a look at Bent's scoring stats in the last 5 years:

    2005/2006 - 36 games - 18 goals

    2006/2007 - 32 games - 13 goals

    2007/2008 - 27 games - 6 goals

    2008/2009 - 33 games - 12 goals

    2009/2010 - 30 games - 20 goals (so far)

    In some of those games he was a sub, especially in 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 when he played for Tottenham. I think he is a scoring beast just like Defoe (although Bent scored even more than Defoe in the last 5 years) and i agree he doesn't deserve the same rating as the Tottenham player yet (because of the team they play for), but it's impossible for him to stay at 89 when he's scoring as much as 96 rated players in the best league in the world.

  7. Re: Who should i sell ?

    Barrios is only 87 and i really want a 89+ but will he rise to that ? ' date=' The reason i was going to go for Zigic is because he is only 4.5M but Bent looks good for a 90 in the next changes and if he gets into the england world cup squad i think he could easily achieve 90-91 but is 8.2M from an unmanaged team[/quote']

    Barrios will rise to 89 from 87, while Bent will probably rise to 90 and if he goes to the WC, who knows... this guys are on fire anyway ;)

  8. Re: Who should i sell ?

    Okay thanks for your help :) ' date=' im trying to cut back as much as posible maybe making the squad 30-35 instead of 50-70 players. I will definitly sell Kerrouche do you think i should sign Zigic of valencia with the money i recieve from the Giovinco transfer ?[/quote']

    Instead of Zigic try to buy Bent or Barrios. Both are on fire in their leagues ;)

  9. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010

    thank you so much for your quick reply

    i love german bundesliga and it seems there is not too much info on the forum about german players

    i already got kroos' date='badstuber and muller in my team so i cant wait for them to get the raise

    now one more player i would like to find out more about Eren DERDIYOK is he for real or is it just a one season wonder ?

    any chance for Lucas BARRIOS to hit 90 this season ?[/quote']

    Eren Derdiyok is a talented player, he will keep up like this in the next seasons.

    Lucas Barrios will probably get 89 in the next rating changes, after that who knows...

  10. Re: Is this a good deal?

    You can go for Bent too. He will be quite cheap, Sunderland being an external club in most setups and he really does the job. He's already scored 20 goals in Premier League this season and i think he has a shot at the NT for the WC. Will definitely rise if he keeps up and he's a better player than Gignac

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