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  1. Re: Help Needed Squad Ratings In A Few Years Sell Daminuta, he has some talent (not that much), but he isn't interested in playing football at all. He doesn't have a future in this sport. Eriksen, Matip, Ben Khalifa, Wellington Silva, El Shaarawy and Haruna are talented players and most of them will also rise pretty much in the next rating changes
  2. Re: Just a small question yeah, you're right. on the other hand, i managed to send back a player i had on loan since the beginning of the season, although i didn't succeed the first few times when i tried ("This player is on a permanent loan until the end of the season."). weird
  3. At the start of the season, i have some players loaned out, just as my team have them in real life. if i call them back now, can i sell them, or will they have a transfer ban? thanks for the answers
  4. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB) What do you think about Dentinho? He seems to be on fire lately for Corinthians
  5. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings With players like Lichsteiner, Kolarov, Radu, Foggia, Hitzlsperger, Zarate, Lazio clearly isn't a Serie B team (with a few additions, more of an Europa League team). Also, i really like Reja, he made wonders with Napoli in the past. But still, unfortunately, they're underperforming big time
  6. Re: Good and cheap risers? try for Antonio Rios and Raul Nava
  7. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings
  8. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010
  9. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Phil, Andre Schurrle is going to keep his position, or will he get a positional change? Good thread, you're maybe a little pessimistic in your predictions, but i guess it's better for the forumers to be surprised in a pleasant way when the changes occur
  10. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Zarate or Quagliarella? In terms of rating i think both will probably drop 1, but who's the better player? I watched Zarate a little bit last season and he was awesome, but Lazio isn't going well at all this season, so i supose Zarate isn't playing much either. What do you think? (somebody offered me Quagliarella for Zarate in a straight swap )
  11. Re: Young defender Dann is an interesting proposal, but he is pretty expensive in my game world. Any other choices i may have?
  12. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition coming soon) 82/83 for now i'd say
  13. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay If we look at his 4 goal in 3 games tally for Mexico in the last month, i think he'll rise to 87/86
  14. Re: Young defender Badstuber isn't available, while Novaretti will already be 25 in a couple of months. Any other suggestions please?
  15. Hi guys I'm looking for a young CB (U21), rated in the low 80's, who's going to rise over 85 (something like Toloi was a few weeks ago). Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks
  16. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay Any rumours about Javier Hernandez moving to Europe? At this point he'll probably get a +3, right?
  17. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition coming soon) I'm not doing any threads, i'm just answering questions if anyone wants my opinion
  18. Re: GEORGIAN PAUN-- next big romanian forward You forgot to mention that he was eliminated too
  19. Re: Has LUCIO a chanche to hit 95? In my opinion Lucio isn't much of a defender and he's overrated for some time now (defenders like JT, Ferdinand, Nesta before his injury, maybe Pique or Vermaelen etc are better than him). I would be disappointed to see him rising, so my vote will go for stay at 94
  20. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition coming soon)
  21. Re: GEORGIAN PAUN-- next big romanian forward he's good enough for Poli Iasi, but he wasn't good enough to stay with Dinamo. not an extraordinary player, an acceptable one. If you're looking for the real deal in Liga 1, try for Alexandru Ionita. He has already been bought by Koln (will join them in summer), he's 20, scored 8 times this season. I really like him, he's a Benzema-like player and he really is closely watched by Razvan Lucescu for the Euro Qualifiers. 1.Koln coach said about him that he's more skilled than Podolski. On the DB, rated 74, will rise to 81-83 next time around. This time next year he could easily be in the high 80's EDIT: Paun just scored 10 minutes ago against Vaslui ) Still, he isn't that much of a talent. Average-good player
  22. Re: Winger/Offensive wide player help neither of them is available
  23. Re: Good CM/AM you should really grab Mesut Ozil, he'll make every penny worth
  24. Hi guys I need a winger for my team and all the goodies are already taken. Gervinho seemed to be a nice option, but Lille has only 21 players left after some guy outbided me for Hazard. My best affordable and approachable options are Issiar Dia or Sylvain Marveaux. Dia is a little bit younger and i can get him very cheap (P/E). 0:30 - check out the way he sets up the second goal Marveaux on the other hand plays for a better team and has a great season. He made the French Team of the Weak plenty of times this season and he was also promoted by imscouting. At this point, i think i'm favoring Dia but i'm not 100% sure. Some opinions please? I'm open to suggestions, but i say it again, all the usual goodies are already taken
  25. Re: Hitzlsperger for Sissoko Any reason for that? :p
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