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  1. Do you think a trade Hitzlsperger + 400k for Moussa Sissoko (the Toulouse player) it's a good deal? Hitzlsperger will definitely drop at least 1 point, if not 2 and Sissoko seems to be promising player, but i never actually watched him play. Should i make the move, or should i keep Hitzlsperger? thanks for any response
  2. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition coming soon) if Ribery stays at 95, Robben should rise to 94...for now
  3. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) I'd say Serdar Tasci but i haven't watched Godin to often
  4. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings
  5. Re: next player to reach 99 Yes, Ronaldinho was 99 when he was in that absolutely awesome form a few years ago
  6. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition coming soon) I was asking for an opinion, i didn't ask for a rating prediction. i pretty much do the predictions i need by myself.
  7. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Would you choose Poli instead of Parejo, or the other way around?
  8. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition coming soon) hi guys. long time no see i have a small question: Bunjaku or Barrios? Both scored 11 goals untill now, Bunjaku will probably hit 86/87 (83 now), Barrios 88/89 (87). Bunjaku would cost me 2.8 mill, while Barrios around 5 mill (my budget is not really unlimited, so every penny counts, but if i manage to sell some players i would have money for any of them). Neither one would be in my first 11, but i need a good reserve for my team. Do you agree with my predictions? Which one would you choose?
  9. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star ! He already is a good player, but he can become an exceptional one. And that comes from a forumer who criticized him big time after his display against the rossonerri nice thread
  10. Re: Maazou or Diabate I don't think they will make an exception if he goes to CSKA. But i doubt CSKA need him while they are playing with only 1 striker, Vagner Love and they also have Necid around. But i read somewhere around that Maazou don't want to stay at Lokeren any more (i think you wrote that ). Weird situation, will be interesting to see what happens
  11. Re: will these players rise i would sell any of those to get Vidic, but my main targets would be Raul Garcia and Corluka/Jo
  12. Re: muntari Not awesome, but a good deal for you
  13. Re: 32 milllion I would buy Given, Beck, Molinaro, Milner and Gourcuff and i would sell Hleb and Deco
  14. Re: robben There are much better options out there than Janko and Ibisevic (because he is injured ), but i think he is looking for a high rated player like Gilardino, Berbatov, Forlan or Anelka (this players will probably rise by 1 so any of them would be great). Lower rated strikers try: Helmes, Dzeko, Hoarau, Gignac, Ba, Acquafresca, Keirrison, Floccari, Obasi, Baros. Just the ones on top of my head
  15. Re: 32 milllion It depends on how much you have to pay for each of them, but i would make my choices between the players in bold
  16. Re: robben super deal Robben will rise 1, while Kanoute is much older and he could decrease 1. Forlan would be a good replacement, he has a decent shot for a 94. Try to rise your budget and buy him
  17. Re: González SERGIO:Will he drop? La Liga: 12 starts, 2 subs and 2 goals in 24 games Uefa Cup: 6 starts, 1 sub in 7 games Drop 1 to 89
  18. Re: Young winger needed Try Eduardo Salvio (great talent, playing and scoring for Lanus) Maximilian Nicu would also be a great cheap option, but he's 26 (he will rise from 84 to 87 this week or next week)
  19. Re: MADSON, Formagini I was just on the verge of selling him I'm kind of confused right now, i bought him as a money-spinner and he's kind of useless to me. Do you think he can reach a high rating in let's say 2 rating changes time?
  20. Re: anelka or gilardino Anelka is on top of his game now and i think he will reach 94 at the end of the season. Gilardino is scoring a lot too and he will probably reach 93 but no higher, because Fiorentina is 1 class below Chelsea. You're choice. I got Gila
  21. Re: Young Goalkeeper needed I second that, Romero is a nice riser and a talented golkeeper. Probably best choice ATM
  22. Re: Should i do this deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it, Frings is going down, while simao is a bit younger and he will stay
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