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  1. Re: SM already started reviewing Belgium? Or maybe somebody sent a ticket about his position and SM took that action just because of the ticket
  2. Re: Umut Kocin and Abdullah Durak (Kayserispor youngsters) an update about Durak would be really useful too
  3. Re: Eren Gungor IOA, could you please update this thread?
  4. Re: A Team Of 83-86 Rated Risers Seftinho, i don't think Boenisch will rise to 87. 86 seems much more appropriate in the current situation.
  5. Re: High Rated Risers I think he's on the line between 86 and 87. If it would be 87, i would buy him, if it's 86, he's not really worth it (for me at least ). If Auxerre manage to climb a little bit in standings (to 9th - 10th position), he definitely has a chance to hit 87...
  6. Re: Young Outfield Players On The Verge Of The Big Time? I voted for Kjaer, but Beck is up there with him
  7. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star ! I think he was cr*p. No going forward, always needed help at the back and almost every Milan action was on his side. And he almost never blocked any centers that came from his side. Also, he didn't ran to much, didn't show enthusiasm... I'm disappointed
  8. Re: Lars Stindl I can't believe how fast this thread fell to the second page I think it needs a bump so people could notice it After all, we're talking about a player who was a starter in the last 6 games in Bundesliga
  9. Re: Another whizzkid - French supertalent! one of them being Benteke http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=37619
  10. This player has been mentioned a few times across the forum, but i think it's the right moment to start a thread about him. Christian Benteke was born at 3 December 1990 in Kinshasa, DR Congo. He has double citizenship, but at youth levels he chose to represent Belgium. He plays as a striker and currently posses number 25 shirt at Standard Liege. Benteke is a product of the Liege academy, one of the best in Europe. In the 2007/2008 season he was loaned out to KRC Genk where he managed to 251 minutes (7 appearances) at just 16-17 years old! He started this season still at Genk (where he managed 3 appearances), but he was recalled to Liege. An interesting fact is that the current (romanian) coach of Standard Liege, Ladislau Boloni is known across the Europe for his attachment to the young players. He was the one who promoted Cristiano Ronaldo to Sporting Lisbon first team! Boloni is proving his skills in developing young players at Liege too. Firstly, he promoted Mangala - a 17 years old defender - into the starting line-up, now Benteke has his chance. After the match against KSV Roeselaere, Boloni declared he is disappointed about the attitude of Mbokani and Jovanovic, two of his main strikers. This thing could help Bentekes chances of getting more and more game time. At international level, Benteke proved himself at the 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Korea Republic where he scored once in 3 games for Belgium. Lately he was linked with the U19 NT, despite being 1 year younger than most of his teammates. The fact that made me write this report is that he scored in the last game (yesterday actually) and he did it in only his second appearance for Standard. On the DB, he is rated 77, pretty high, but if he continues getting appearances and fulfill his potential , he's going to rise big time. Here's his goal (i know the quality is really poor, but you can still see Bentekes speed and quality finish): nCNeQl7F9Lg
  11. Re: Dennis Høegh - Danish Talent. mate, i appreciate all your efforts, but i think you should slow down a little bit. People can't notice all this finds of yours, because you always come with another and another. Some of this kids are really good, some aren't so bright... But you need to give people the time to judge your finds and take notice of them. But anyway, good work
  12. This player has been mentioned twice across the forum, but i think he deserves his own thread now that he's a regular for his club. Lars Stindl is a German football player born in 26 August 1988 in Waghäusel (South-West Germany). He currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Karlsruher SC in Bundesliga with he number 28 shirt. Lars Stindl started his career as a kid with TSV Wiesental and in 2000 when he was 12 years old he switched clubs and moved to Karlsruher SC. In the 2006/2007 season he was promoted to the second team of the club, Krlsruher II, a team who plays in Regionalliga Süd. He got a total of 12 games that season and he also scored 2 times. Next season, he established himself as one of the top players of the team. He played a total of 26 games and he scored 4 times. He was known as a talented and temperamental player - he collected a total of 10 yellow cards. The most important thing in that season was that the board noticed his talent and they promoted him to the first team. He made is Bundesliga debut in the 24th match of the season against Eintracht Frankfurt. Unfortunatly he ended the season with 2 sub appearances totaling a huge amount of 23 minutes played for the first team. This season however, it's a total different story. Lars didn't play at the beginning of the season, but since the 14 game of the season, he is a regular in the first team. Until now, he has 6 (consecutive!) starts and 2 sub appearances totaling 600 minutes of playing time. He also managed to score once and to give an assist. And he's not just playing, he's playing great, just look at the marks he's got and compare them with his teammates marks - Lars Stindl marks and stats - Kicker. Unfortunatly Karlsruher are third from the bottom, but there's not a big difference between them and the safe zone and anything could happen with 14 games left to be played. On the DB, Lars Stindl is rated 77 and i think he will rise to 80/81 next week when Germany is reviewed, but assumin he keeps playing until the end of the season and Karlsruher manage to stay in Bundesliga, next time when Germany will be reviewed we can look to another nice increase to something like 83-85 and that's not bad at all for a 20 years old player. Go buy him
  13. Re: Future Balon D'or I'm really curious how many goals he scored for Palmeiras in this unofficial tournament... I think at least 4. This guy is scoring absolutely for fun! I'm sure he'll end up in one of the biggest teams in Europe next season EDIT: Ha! Found what i wanted in your thread
  14. Re: Wellington - Brazilian Talent if the guy who scouted the player really wanted an advantage in picking that player, he would've asked to be added with a hidden status, just like i did with Tafer. and yes, really end of story, i've got a girlfriend waiting for me...
  15. Re: Wellington - Brazilian Talent That's not the case when a player is added with a hidden status
  16. Re: Wellington - Brazilian Talent But he didn't find that out on the forum. He SEARCHED in the New Players list, all he did, he did on his own
  17. Re: Wellington - Brazilian Talent He's not complaining because the SM players who put bids for Wellington when he was added, got the player before most of the forumers found out about him being added
  18. Re: High Rated Risers 80% in my opinion
  19. Re: Yannis Tafer well, i think i have the right to complain... after all, i sent the ticket that got him added and if that guy didn't post it on here, you wouldn't even know he was on the DB... but whatever, i'm not in the mood for a debate...
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