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  1. Re: Patrick Helmes Game ended. I'm very impressed by Leverkusen as a team and by Helmes, Castro, Ba and Salihovic as individual players. Helmes is a true quality striker with great eye for goal. He bagged 2, but he also worked a lot for the team and gave 2-3 passes that could've well been assists. Also, he had a great left foot strike that could've gave him a hat-trick. That gives us a clue about how complete this striker really is. I think he has a great chance to displace Gomez, or even Klose from Deutschland NT line-up. Great consistency, he has 15 goals in 20 games and i'm pretty sure he'll end the season as top scorer if nothing catastrophic - as a long term injury - happens (another clue about his consistency are the excellent marks granted by Kicker - probably the most important sports magazine in Germany - for his performances). Considering he deserved 88 last time, i hope he gets 90 this time around and 91 next time. Do not sell him after he rises (unless he gets a serious injury or something), i think he is a 93 material and he has the ability to reach that rating at the end of the next season 87 --> 90 And 2-3 words about the others: I think Castro showed today he deserves the RB spot in the NT (Beck being his substitute). Great going forward, scored with a header (good positioning there), solid at the back. 91 --> 91 Ba is a great athlete. He also posses good speed and technique and he got a penalty, converted by his teammate Salihovic. The best Hoffenheim striker today. 1 class over Sanogo who's rated 89. 85 --> 87/88 Salihovic is the ultimate free kick specialist. He posses a wonderful left foot, he took a confident penalty and was unlucky not to score from a 20 yards free kick few minutes after that. 85 --> 87/88
  2. Re: Yannis Tafer La dracu! Actually, i sent the ticket that got him added and i didn't want to post it on here because i had some bids, but whatever... That post cost me the player in WC2
  3. Re: Costel Pantilimon Andrades rating is fair, Arlauskis deserved 84 and Pantilimons is fair. Andrade is not a great goalkeeper, but Rapid had some troubles with their GKs so he got some games. Arlauskis is a good goalkeeper, but he deserves to be 1 point under Pantilimon, who's the backup GK for the NT and the starting GK for Timisoara, a team that should've lead the championship. Pantilimon is a very very promising GK, a Cech-style GK . Keep an eye on him for the time when he will go to a big european team
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings neah, it's not worth it. Huntelaar will probably stay, drop one in the worst case, but Keita is dead cert to drop 1
  5. Re: Luis Pedro - The Portuguese second league new sensation! Yeah, Chumbinho yesterday and Lionn today. But i'm a little bit disappointed with Lionns high rating. He's already 78 and i don't see him rising more than 82-83 next time around. I hoped both of them will be added with a 75-76 rating. Well, that's it now, good to have them on the DB. Thanks for you effort DerbyPower. Guys, keep an eye on this 2 players
  6. Re: Which CM??? Rolfes:91>91 Lassana Diarra:90>91 Muntari:91>92 Sissoko:90>91 Long term Diarra's the best choice, but for now Muntari would be the best. You're choice
  7. Re: Young talent getting starts. started and scored today for Iceland against Liechtenstein Not a great opponent, but whatever... it's still a goal for the national team. Glad i bought him since he scored his second goal for Herenveen this season
  8. Re: 93+ players that will rise???? Senna, Marquez, Deco, Luis Fabiano and Klose don't have any chance of rising
  9. Re: Luis Pedro - The Portuguese second league new sensation!
  10. Re: Fabien Lemoine - Rennes yeah and after that, i think i could sell him for a nice sum of money. i mean, it's highly unlikely he will hit more than 89 staying at Rennes and not playing for France. But you're right, an 88 coming his way
  11. Re: High Rated Risers I don't see why would you rule Cristian Rodriguez out of that list
  12. Re: Luis Pedro - The Portuguese second league new sensation! What can you say about Chumbinho from Leixoes? (i'm asking because, of course, i saw his wonderful goals from the last game) And why isn't he on the DB? And what about Lionn from Vitoria Guimaraes?
  13. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued) Just wanted to bring this back up with a question. All the main 5 Juve defenders played kind of the same amount of time: Chiellini: 1447 minutes (2 goals) - rated 92 Mellberg: 1414 minutes (1 goal) - rated 90 Grygera: 1563 minutes (1 goal) - rated 90 Molinaro: 1757 minutes - rated 89 Legrottaglie: 1508 minutes (1 goal) - rated 90 What do you guys think about their ratings? I think Molinaro is due to a rise to 90, but how about Grygera, Mellberg and Legrottaglie? Based on playing time, all of them should stay, or all of them should go up 1. But my question is if one of those 3 took the spotlight with extraordinary games and deserves +1 more than the others (i'm especially interested in Mellberg and Legrottaglie ).
  14. Re: Yannis Tafer i bet many forumers are gonna be really angry 'cause i mentioned his debut and the fact that he will probably be added on the DB tomorrow
  15. Re: Yannis Tafer I'm surprised nobody noticed, but he MADE HIS DEBUT today in the 3-1 victory over Nice. If Fabio was added after 1 appearance, i expect Tafer to be added too, he is a MAJOR TALENT
  16. Re: Ola Toivonen - Read this if you want a new super striker! :D :D good one i'm disappointed about this red and i'm not so sure if i should buy him now (considering he will only rise by 1 this time around), or i should wait to see how he develops
  17. Re: Ola Toivonen - Read this if you want a new super striker! 3 goals in 4 games for psv... for now nice find abdel
  18. Re: Peter Cech - Best in EPL? I think Shay Given is the best GK in EPL ... Top 5 goalkeepers in the world: 1. Casillas 2. Buffon 3. Given 4. Akinfeev 5. Reina Top 5 goalkeepers in EPL: 1. Given 2. Reina 3. VDS 4. Cech 5. Friedel
  19. Re: Fabio Paim-Not in Game so after all, he's not really the next CR
  20. Re: Another whizzkid - French supertalent!
  21. Re: Another whizzkid - French supertalent! how is he performing?
  22. Re: Boubacar Sanogo You guys should really start using the Player Assistance section It's just so annoying... half of the threads from this section should be placed on there! It says clear: THIS IS NOT A HELP SECTION But still, i think Sanogo will stay...
  23. Re: Brede Hangeland Is he better than Michael Turner? I mean Turner is in Eurosport team of the season (http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/02022009/58/premier-league-team-week.html), he just replaced Hangeland after the fine performance from the last game. I guess he's on for a +2 to 88, while Hangeland a +1 to 88? I don't really know... Who's the better one out of this 2?
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