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  1. Re: Zinedine Zidane? ronaldinho but don't worry, messi wil be there too in a couple of months, 1 year top
  2. Re: Simon Kjaer I'm not a gold member Someone probably stole my nickname :mad:
  3. Re: Simon Kjar some more great news Kjaer has been given his first call-up to the national team: http://www.goal.com/en/news/743/palermo/2009/02/05/1094755/palermo-defender-simon-kjaer-delighted-at-first-denmark-call also, his name on sm has been changed, so Ben could you please change the name of the thread into "Simon Kjaer"?
  4. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes well, if you read all of this, you'll see that i tried to end it before it got started but it didn't depend only on me
  5. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes All 3 of us agree... reddevil is a stubborn guy
  6. Re: Sud Américano Sub 20! Find out who is impressing, and who isn't. Insider what do you think about Hernandez? I know he signed for Palermo but is he going to join them immediately?
  7. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes He's not brilliant for 3 years' date=' he's brilliant for 1 year at most oh yes, he is a regular for quite some time
  8. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes 1 season and a half. Long enough for him to prove anything he needed to About 2 seasons. Meanwhile he gained the armband of arguably the best football nation across the world. But i agree that right now he's form dropped a little bit Because Toulalan proved many more things at international level + he is far more important to Lyon than Carrick was to Manchester until this season
  9. Re: rene adler or igor akinveev both of them are good, but none of them will rise for now. Akinfeev is probably slightly more talented but as george said, he is playing in a SLIGHTLY weaker league
  10. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes Yeah' date=' he has been as good in La Liga, probably second best league in the world He actually played for River. And i really don't think you know more about football than Maradona I said ARGUABLY because i was thinking about Maicon. But don't get me started with Sagna, Bosingwa or Sergio Ramos, every one of them is much weaker than him offensively and defensively only Sagna is better
  11. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes I already expressed my opinion about the 6 seasons he spent at West Ham and Tottenham. Regarding Simao, Mascherano and Daniel Alves: Simao - just ask Insider, he will prove you are wrong in absolutely every single way you want Mascherano - Argentinas captain! Daniel Alves - 5 wonderful seasons at Sevilla and 1/2 amazing season at Barca. Arguably the best RB in the world. Oh, i forgot about Toulalan. He is a key member for Lyon and they are winning Ligue 1 for i can't remember how many seasons... Also a key member for France for quite a long time. Great DM in the defensive phase! And Ligue 1 is not an average league, it's one of the best leagues from Europe (probably next after EPL, La Liga, Serie A and arguably Bundesliga)
  12. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes Ok, let's make something clear: this is my last post regarding this issue. You didn't prove me wrong. How can you prove me wrong, when not so long ago he had lot of moments when he was SO clumsy? That's why i said his game improved quite a bit just LATELY. He has great passing skills and sometimes he shoots well - the memorable goal against Roma (even if sometimes his shoots just hit the corner flag - the last game against Everton). I don't deny that AT THE MOMENT he is playing at a 93 level, but he needs to prove it for a longer time so he can reach that rating. Just look at other players rated 93: Joe Cole, Toulalan, Simao or Xabi Alonso. They proved they are great players for seasons and seasons. Carrick was a fringe player when he came to United - yes, i do know about the 4 full seasons spent at West Ham and about the 2 spent at Tottenham, but only now, after 2 and a half seasons spent with United he is finally reaching his potential (kind of a late bloomer... he showed he's good, but only now he's showing he can be great). He needs to stay at this level at least until the end of the season to reach 93. I stated my opinion about this once again because i find it hard to refuse a debate, but now i'm going back to my awful financial math
  13. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes i have five big exams in the next 19 days so i really don't have the necessary mood or time to argue with you. I'm going to let things the way they are... and stop spamming threads with argues against other forumers, if you have other malicious things to say, PM me or anyone else you have problems with... ...and then grow up
  14. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes You are disrespectful most of the time, even if you weren't with me, or even if you weren't in this thread. And if your opinions are based on facts, you have to show and explain those facts, otherwise your opinions won't matter that much. And yes, you probably watched Carrick more than me, but i'm 100% sure i watch A LOT more football than you (Serie A, La Liga, EPL and of course Liga 1 - romanian first division) But this thread it's not about Carrick or about the way you state your opinions, so let's not ruin a promising thread
  15. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes no' date=' he will probably rise to 92 for now, he's an [u']important[/u] part of the RedDevils for a too short period of time so he can rise to 93 in one go. (Or if he rises to 93, than Robben MUST rise to 94, he is far more crucial to Real Madrid than Carrick is to Manchester United) But +1 for both of them is reasonable for now, we'll see how they progress further... And more important, please stop acting like your opinions are unerring, this is a forum and everyone have their opinion more or less based on something. You can contradict with the others but do it in a respectful way and explain why are you supporting an idea
  16. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes Also increase the size of the words Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards and perhaps the size of the teams name eg Manchester United. good luck and keep it up
  17. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes nice thread so far, but i think you should bold players names
  18. Re: Yoann GOURCUFF Gourcuff scored again and his team is only 1 point behind first place Lyon. I really can't believe how this guy progressed in the last 8 months or so at Bordeaux. According to - Ligue 1 - assists statistics he is the best passeur from France with 6 assists to his name. He also scored 6 times in the league, one of them being an absolutely out-of-this-world-piece-of-magic against third placed PSG - - and 2 times in CL, where Bordeaux finished the group phase just behind Roma and Chelsea.He also won a starting place in the national team line-up and he scored an absolutely cracking goal against Romania - Gourcuff goal against Romania (at 2:32), after he also assisted Riberys goal. Also, here's a nice video showing him during his career. You have to notice how much he improved since joining Bordeaux in the summer and have a closer look at the goal from 4:25 and what he did to Terry and Mikel at 5:50 and again to Mikel at 6:17. Also here's his good goal against Roma. He is class against class opponents! I really think he deserves to go up to 91 this time around. France hasn't been reviewed since September and it's likely to be reviewed sometime in March! In those 6 months Gourcuff played at a huge level, he's dragging the whole team after him. 91 fully deserved this time around and probably 92 next time around, HE IS AMAZING!
  19. Re: Robben to 94 ? based on ability and present form he deserves to be at least on par with VDV and Sneijder, so 94 would be justified. But that's not going to happen in one go so 93 for now and possibly more after that
  20. Re: Mark Davies - Bolton he assisted Puygreniers goal
  21. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. Hamsik and Lavezzi both scored against Udinese. 2-0 after just 30 minutes GO GO Napoli !
  22. Re: Robinho - Will he Drop? Basically i agree with you, Messi is better, but he still need to prove he can keep it up the whole season this way. So 98 for now and 99 after the end of the season IF he can keep up with this AMAZING form
  23. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. Big clubs like Juve and Chelsea are already knocking . Also, where is Robben?
  24. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. I agree, Hamsik and Robben are certain to rise. Hamsik scored 7 and he's one of the best young midfielders in Europe. Napoli are 7th and alongside Gargano (+1 to 90), Santacroce (sts at 89) and Lavezzi (+1 to 91), Hamsik is one of the stars of the team. Robben outclassed Sneijder (94) and VDV (94) this season. He plays at a 95 standard ATM in my opinion, but he will probably get a +1 for now, and another +1 next time around if he keeps his form. Real are currently second in La Liga and still in the CL, so his team form won't be a problem for his rise.
  25. Re: Panadero VICENTE GUAITA - 75 - New starter for Valencia!
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