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  1. Re: Steven Ireland up for a 90?
  2. Re: Dejan Lovren ok, thanks mate
  3. Re: Dejan Lovren pfff... i can already navigate on that site and understand the stats... i'm a little guru
  4. Re: Dejan Lovren so nastupi means games and golovi means goals i just found a croatian stats source only for myself
  5. Re: Ilija Sivonjić<--Croatian big riser and talent i think you should post your info on here: Lovren thread
  6. Re: Ilija Sivonjić<--Croatian big riser and talent cool, nice find. And when did he scored that 2 goals for Dinamo? And a little bit off topic, i would like to know your opinion, and maybe you could also provide some stats for another Dinamo talent, Lovren ...
  7. Re: Ilija Sivonjić<--Croatian big riser and talent Are you sure about this stats? Because if you are, i'm sure he'll get a healthy rise to around 84... nice find
  8. Re: Sud Américano Sub 20! Find out who is impressing, and who isn't.
  9. Re: Sud Américano Sub 20! Find out who is impressing, and who isn't. From the reports i've read since now, Salvio seems to be the MVP of the tournament...
  10. Re: Jonny HEITINGA i thought they were midfielders
  11. Re: Fabian Delph - Must Buy!! it' not about that. it's about how much are united willing to pay for a player who would stay in the reserves for at least 1 season and how much are fulham willing to play for a first team player
  12. Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing
  13. Re: Felix Kroos i can't wait for MIR to jump at your neck
  14. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star !
  15. Re: Fabio and Rafael da Silva - Man Utd's Brazilian Twins 6 offers in WC2, teb's in the race too ... i could well withdraw my offer i have absolutely no chance
  16. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction I think we should ask Insider regarding this issue
  17. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction He doesn't create and help the team as much as Aguero so i don't think Forlan deserves to be on par with him, although he has pretty much the same class as Toni or Kanoute (but Kanoute deserves a drop while Toni have pretty much lost the extraordinary form from last season although he still deserves to stay). 30% rise and 70% stay
  18. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued) you wrote there 'Games Played' and in brackets 'subbed'. Games played include sub appearances so it's eighter 10 games played with 3 of them sub appearances, eighter 7 starts and 3 subs, but no way 7 games played and 3 of them were subs. Hope i made myself clear enough
  19. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued) It's Atalanta not Atlanta ... Your icon is really wrong . That make me doubt you really watch Serie A on a regular basis, although your predictions seems good to me if we judge about stats. But who knows what SM will do nowadays? PS: try this icon: Atalanta icon Also, regarding the Palermo predictions, Kjaer played more then you wrote there. He has 7 starts (8 with the one from today) and 4 subs. He was a regular for the team in the last few games so he pretty much earned his spot in the middle of the defence with 2-3 MOM performances that also attracted Milans interest
  20. Re: Fabio and Rafael da Silva - Man Utd's Brazilian Twins In WC2 there are 5 bids for him (Herby among them ) so i pretty much doubt i have any chance of getting him
  21. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction Since this thread was so appreciated, i thought i could help keeping it alive by posting my predictions for Atletico and hopefully realx7madrid will change his mind and he will keep going with this until the end. So here we go: ATLETICO MADRID Goalkepeers: COUPET Grégory, GK, 36, 91 --> 90 LEO FRANCO Noeren, GK, 31, 90 --> 90 Defenders: ANTONIO LOPEZ Guerrero. LB/RB, 27, 91 --> 90 PERNIA Mariano, LB/LM, 31, 90 --> 91 SEITARIDIS Giourkas, RB, 27, 90 --> 90 UJFALUSI Tomás, CB/RB, 30, 92 --> 92 HEITINGA John, CB/RB, 25, 91 --> 91 PEREA Luis, CB/RB, 29, 91 --> 91 PABLO Ibáñez, CB. 27, 90 --> 89 ÁLVARO DOMINGUEZ Soto, CB, 19, 75 --> 75 Midfielders: MAXI RODRIGUEZ Pablo, RM/AM, 28, 93 --> 93 RAUL GARCIA Escudero, CM, 22, 91 --> 90 MANICHE Nuno, CM, 31, 91 --> 92 MIGUEL DE LAS CUEVAS Ángel, CM/AM, 22, 84 --> 84 IGNACIO CAMACHO Barnola, CM/DM, 18, 83 --> 83 PAULO ASSUNCAO da Silva, DM/CM, 29, 91 --> 91 EVER BANEGA Maximiliano, DM/CM, 20, 88 --> 87/88 SIMAO Sabrosa, Wing/AM, 29, 93 --> 93 LUIS GARCIA Javier, Wing/AM, 30, 90 --> 89 KEKO Sergio Gontan, Wing/Fwd, 17, 75 --> 75 Forwards: AGUERO Sergio, Fwd, 20, 94 --> 94 FORLAN Diego, Fwd, 29, 93 --> 93/94 SINAMA-PONGOLLE Florent, Fwd, 24, 89 --> 89
  22. Re: Zarate or Agbonlahor Sell Santa Cruz and buy both of them
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