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  1. Re: German Championship 5457 Joined as TSV 1860 Munchen my favorite german team
  2. Re: The National Challenge Im From Lebanon , but in the game the lebanese players are so underrated and there are many mistakes in their infos there's a player who is 23 for example in the game he is 30 lots of mistakes and retired players since my 2nd country is switzerland.. can i take a team and do it with swiss players my 2nd country ?
  3. I would like to improve this game better by trying to arrange the lebanese premier league. In soccermanager there are only 4 teams in it , while it's a league with 12 teams! and they haven't been reviewed since NEVER, in those 4 teams they are like only 3 players. I'm ready to add the players of all the teams but first we need to add the other 8 teams to be done. Can We add a club? if not how can we ?
  4. Re: English Championship 10000 - 75 GW's away! - WHO IS UP FOR IT? Im interested
  5. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Dagenham & Redbridge 0-4 Northampton Town S.SAAD 17 L.MELGAREJO 41, 59 R.IBARRA 87 Glad to see my new signing S.SAAD score in his first game a future lebanese star
  6. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread It was a wrong decision by me to leave northampton after 11 games in charge but now im back and im doing fine won 1-0 against rotterdam
  7. Re: Which defensive midfielder has the most potential? Gueida Fofana..
  8. a very good player that plays with al ahed and the lebanese national team. he was a starter in the 2-1 win against south korea and did a good job but there is a mistake in the game he is not 30 he is 21 and i have proofs i want to correct it Can anybody tell me how to correct it ?http://www.soccerway.com/players/haytham-faour/119790/
  9. Re: NEED HELP WITH Players who will drop and who will rise? Ok thank you all for your help! that was kind i appreciate it
  10. I want to buy an am or a forward i found out that those players are available tell me who will drop who will rise and who will stay and ur advice to buy a CFor fwd in this list any midfielder in this list and any defender in this list. Thanks~ ! VAN DER VAART, Rafael AM/Wing 28 92 LAVEZZI, Ezequiel Fwd/AM 26 91 HERNANES, Anderson CM/AM 26 90 GAMEIRO, Kévin CF 24 90 MARCHISIO, Claudio CM/LM 25 90 MIRANDA, João CB 27 90 GODÍN, Diego CB 25 90 FILIPE, Luís LB/LM 26 89 AGBONLAHOR, Gabriel Fwd/Wing 25 89
  11. My first team: SZCZESNY, Wojciech Gk 21 87 CLICHY, Gaël LB 26 91 ANSALDI, Cristian LB/RB 25 90 GIBBS, Kieran LB/LM 22 86 SAGNA, Bacary RB 28 92 DANILO, Luiz RB/Mid20 87 VERMAELEN CB/LB 25 91 RAMI, Adil CB 25 90 M'BIA, Stéphane CB/Dm25 90 KOSCIELNY, CB 26 89 CAHILL, Gary CB 25 88 MAGGIO, RM/RB 29 90 SONG, Alex DM/CB 24 91 VELOSO DM/LB 25 90 FABREGAS, CM/AM 24 95 DIABY, Abou CM 25 89 WILSHERE, Jack CM 19 89 NASRI, Samir AM/Wing 24 93 ARSHAVIN, Wing/Fwd 30 92 WALCOTT, Wing/Fwd 22 90 PAYET, Wing/AM 24 89 VAN PERSIE,Fwd/Wing 28 93 VELA, Carlo Fwd/Wing 22 87 LLORENTE,Fernando CF 26 91 SOLDADO, Roberto CF 26 90 I made 2 formations to play the game they are almost equal and have the same average rating.. but im having trouble with my tatics i think it;s my formation I play 4-1-3-2 but im not winning with it what is the most suitable formation for my team and what are the good tactics? Thanks in advance
  12. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Used my 2nd account to take control of my old team Northampton town i want to try to finish in the middle of the table..
  13. i want to leave a team in my 2nd account and manage it in my first account how so ?? Im afraid if i leave the soccermanager will make a job offer to someone else?? can somebody help or give an advice ?? Thanks in advance
  14. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread any 78 + keepers ready to be loanned up ?? i need a 78+ keeper sooo badly :/
  15. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Congratulations !! you were kind of lucky because my team had more Total Shots than yours 23 shots(15 on target 13 (12 on target) but anyways your team possessed the game and won. Nice to see girls playing the game good luck !
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