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  1. Re: My Current Youth Team, Keep / Sell? And Jovan Vucinic reportedly being watched by Man City and Juventus!?
  2. Re: My Current Youth Team, Keep / Sell? Also worth a mention.... Keep Alex Serrano! (and Axel Ngando) Serrano is tipped to be a top player
  3. Re: Kroos or Thiago? I'm surprised there isn't more support for thiago given he is gradually becoming a Barcelona first team regular and all Barcelona midfielders are pretty much 95+ ??
  4. If someone offered you Thiago Alcantara + Ouasim Buoy for Toni Kroos would you accept?
  5. Re: Dani Alves for Neymar and Kagawa I think Alves is past his peak now and Barca will soon start blooding younger players in his position (Montoya for example), not to mention at international level he has Rafael breathing down his neck! Dont get me wrong Alves still has 3 years+ as a top player, I dont know how many more of them will be at barca but only 1 or 2 more in my opinion, but Kagawa and Neymar (Neymar in particular) are 2 top players who the opportunity to buy wont come around very often!? Especially when Neymar moves to Madrid or Barca, all bets are off after that nobody will sell him then! If you have good RB back up for Alves I would consider it personally, just as a long term deal its great for you??? But I do generally tend to have a bias towards young up and coming players over older established ones... so some may disagree with my thinking!
  6. Re: Should I swap Sturridge for FALCAO Falcao all day long for me mate!
  7. I have Isco and I am thinking of offering him in exchange for Giovinco, do you guys think thats a good deal for me? I am considering Isco + Mitchell Weiser for Giovinco I know Giovinco is class, Barca enquired about him, and he will go up +1 to 90 on the next ratings, but my worry is Isco has better long term value being a spanish AM like David Silva etc and playing in a stronger league!?!?! What would you do?
  8. Re: The New Players Thread Also Patrick Olsen 18 year old CM/AM just signed for Inter Milan from Brondby (I just wrote a report on him this morning), Danish youth international and noted by UEFA as a player to watch following impressive performances at U17 championships! And not to mention Axel Ngando 19 years old Rennes CM/AM, very promising talent played with Pogba and co in U19 youth champtionships, I also wrote a report earlier in the year but just added to db this week!
  9. Re: -Adrien Rabiot- This kid has a big future!!! I saw he started the game against Bordeaux and came on as sub against Lille, and considering he is only 17 and the talent at PSG that's pretty huge!! I am just gutted someone else in my league already has him!!!!
  10. Name: Patrick Olsen Age: 18 Nationality: Danish Club: Internazionale Position: CM/AM SM rating: 75 Patrick Olsen is a danish attacking midfielder who started his career at Brondby, making his league debut in May this year. He made 3 appearances in total for Brondby before making the switch to Inter Milan in the august transfer window. Olsen has played for Denmark at all levels of their youth teams up to U20 level (46 appearances and 2 goals from U16 to U20 level) and it is at international level where he has been especially noticed and, after impressing at the 2011 Uefa U17 football championships alongside fellow dane Viktor Fischer, he was named as one of UEFA's top talents to watch. Other names to get this recognition were Samed Yesil and Mitchell Weiser who also impressed and have recently earned big moves to Bayern Munich and Liverpool respectively. After Olsen impressed their scouts Inter Milan wasted no time in snapping up the young talent and Olsen spoke recently regarding his transfer: “Yes, it is true, I have signed a three year deal with Inter. They say that I will begin with Inter Primavera and then after a few months I will jump into the first team. Inter were the one that wanted me and they spent enough to acquire me. There, the team is at an incredibly high level and you have to be ready. The level of technique and pace are clearly superior than the Danish Superliga but there is a lot of talent here. I always have to train at 100% but I’m not afraid of anything and I will do the same at Inter.” Olsen joins a primavera side at Inter Milan already brimming with talent including the likes of Lorenzo Tassi and Lorenzo Crisetig, so he needs to work hard and impress in training to progress into the first team setup. A lot is expected of this young attacking talent at both Inter Milan and at international level where Olsen is expected to develop into a top player and eventually progress up to the senior side to play alongside established young talents such as Christian Eriksen. Now on the database and one to watch.
  11. Re: Have you got a thread that needs moving to/from this section? Axel Ngando now on database, please move thread from found a talent to player talent scout Thanks!
  12. Re: Axel Ngando - France starlet on european giants radars Just added to the database!
  13. Re: Was this a good or bad deal? Alexis is an outstanding player, I think you did a good deal there! His link up play with Messi is going to make him a standout player this season and I can see him progressing to 95+
  14. Re: Lukasz PISZCZEK 91 is guaranteed in my opinion and i think he will go another step to 92. He has helped dortmund to back to back league titles, showed his talent for Poland at the euros, is linked with the top teams in Europe aka Madrid etc, and the best players in the German league can get to 93+. He is one of the best right backs on the game especially in terms of ratings potential over the next 2 reviews... well worth having and keeping in my opinion
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