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  1. a great rise for him for sm to consider a age of 33 and still rise to 94 , he totally deserve it !!!
  2. Re: italian league changes ! what do u think pirloto 94 is simply awesome ........ gd review for him seriously he deserve to be 94
  3. what u guys think about kompany ? highest rating at ? can he be like 95?
  4. do you guys think he will be 93 for the next review?
  5. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! Will BENZEMA rise to 94 since gomez does not deserve a 94 . u guys think benzema should get?
  6. ter Stegen vs Bernd Leno in term of SM who is better?
  7. Is it worth to trade? Ángel DI MARIA for 6M + Thomas MULLER and Emre CAN ?? i have muller and can to trade??? please advise ... thank you
  8. Re: Eduardo VARGAS sad to said.. no rise for him.. in chile review ....
  9. Re: Eduardo VARGAS thx for all the advise already snapped him !!!!
  10. will Eduardo VARGAS rise for the chile review since he has move to napoli....... please advise.
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