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  1. Re: Young Prospects discussion Thanks for the replies. All much appreciated.
  2. Re: Young Prospects discussion Ok, so i badly need to trim my wage bill. Who has most potential? VARELA, Bruno ZOUMA, Kurt THORLÁKSSON, Indridi Áki KOVAČIĆ, Mateo TAWATHA, Talb FRYERS, Zeki ĆOSIĆ, Uroš LASCELLES, Jamaal DIER, Eric JEDVAJ, Tin TAH, Jonathan AKÉ, Nathan VERGARA, Jherson JENKINSON, Carl VARELA, Guillermo DUNCAN, Alfred TIELEMANS, Youri HUWS, Emyr WALLACE, Oliveira WARD-PROWSE, James OBI, Joel FERNANDES, Bruno BIGIRIMANA, Gaël BENASSI, Marco TUNNICLIFFE, Ryan LUNDSTRAM, John SAKOR, Vajebah NÁJAR, Andy CRECCO, Luca HAZARD, Thorgan MEYER, Max HUGHES, Will POWELL, Nick HALILOVIĆ, Alen PAREDES, Leandro STANCIU, Nicolae ŽIVKOVIĆ, Andrija PRITCHARD, Alex LOPES, Rony STENDERA, Marc VALENCIA, Joel ROBERTS, Patrick JANKOVIĆ, Filip STERLING, Raheem OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex OCAMPOS, Lucas ZAHA, Wilfried BRUMA, Armindo MIYAICHI, Ryo OLINGA, Fabrice EZEKIEL, Imoh GUIDETTI, John LIVAJA, Marko PARKER, Shawn GABRIEL, Barbosa MARTIAL, Anthony HALLER, Sébastien FOUNTAS, Taxiarchis MENDES, Bruno PERICA, Stipe GIVA, Pulgas RAFINHA, Lima ÜNAL, Enes BENNETT, Mason CAMPBELL, Adam LECOINTE, Matt ALLAN, Jordan MUSA, Ahmed DEULOFEU, Gerard CAMPBELL, Joel ŠITUM, Mario
  3. Re: Young Prospects discussion If i post a list of players ive been hoarding (all under 21) will you let me know if they're worth keeping as i have lost track of how most of them have progressed. There are about 75 from all around the world.
  4. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Ive been hoarding young players for a while but have lost track of how most have progressed. Im losing money so fast weekly on wages that i need to get my squad numbers down fast. If i were to list all my players would anyone be willing to give their opinions on the best ones to keep? About 100 in total.
  5. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I have 2 Goalkeepers in my squad, Neuer and Courtois. Courtois is currently at level 4 unhappy due to lack of games. Obviously the next step is handing in a transfer request (if i stop playing him) but as i have got to have a minimum of 2 GK's in my squad, what will happen? Thanks for any reply's in advance.
  6. Re: Chile Primera Division risers Looking forward to it. Can anyone tell me what the cap is for the chilian league please?
  7. Re: SOPA- Stop Online Piracy Act I read about this the other day. In the real world, surely this couldn't happen. How much money would their economy be missing out on from advertising revenue through censorship of sites like facebook and youtube? To be fair i think its a storm in a tea cup. An idol threat. More important things to be worried about. Although, this is America we are talking about....
  8. Re: Soccermanager destroys familys Ive been telling him this all his life...
  9. Re: Soccermanager destroys familys Haha, no. Hes an immature 25
  10. Re: Soccermanager destroys familys He is a Forest fan. Doesnt take a lot to set them off these days...
  11. My brother and i are in the same league. I signed Neymar (his top transfer target) and he hasn't spoke to me since, 2 weeks. He fell out with me big time. Anyone else had this problem?
  12. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Anyone think Shane Long will get any sort of rise? Sorry if this has already been asked..
  13. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Is Kaboul due a rise in the upcoming changes do you think?
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Hi. Whos the best value CB to buy before the upcoming changes? Im looking for a certain riser from 89 to 90/91. Ive had a look through the first page and lescott is the only one that stands out. Any help gratefully recieved.
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