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  1. Just last week the setup owner Simon Cooper decides to stop clubs buying players 88+ rating.Reasons for doing this 1)my team and other teams are strong 2)his squad are all under 88 rating. This is the 3rd season and he has only now decided to change it.So as i already had transfers going through they were then cancelled as he then decided that transfers can only be completed between turn 17 to turn 20.We are now on turn 8.The thing is Simon still allowed my players to be sold but im unable to replace them till turn 17. Should i quit the setup which i have played since august? my friend has jus
  2. Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes! Early days any players rating can be changed in the nxt week so all isay to everyone is dont say "why didnt ? go up/down and say "i think ? should go up cause hes played every game and is playing well.
  3. Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes! The premiership is the best league with the highest standard of football and more importantly the best player(s).So why are players like Riise 89 and some i'll say it "nobodys" in lower leagues 90+ in his position? quite simply this is a poor decision. Not saying him or any the Liverpool players been great this season cause some have been very poor BUT players like gilberto who spurs signed is 92! and theres no way ashley cole is 3 ratings better than Riise aswell.Sort it out i know u do everything by "stats" but common sense also works. Btw i'm glad Mascherano,Tor
  4. Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes! Man Utd Changes foster 87 > 86 Evra 92 > 93 G Neville 91 > 90 Ferdinand 94 > 95 Brown 89 > 90 Silvestre 87 > 86 Eagles 85 > 84 Anderson 89 > 90 Nani 89 > 90 Saha 90 > 88 Chelsea Changes Cudicini 87 > 86 Bridge 89 > 90 Alex 92 > 91 Wright Phillips 90 > 91 Kalou 91 > 92 Pizarro 89 > 88 Ballack 92 > 93 Arsenal Changes Lehmann 91 > 90 Almunia 89 > 90 Traore 83 > 85 Eboue 89 > 90 Flamini 90 > 91 Diaby 88 > 87 Gilberto Silva 92 > 91 Adebayor 91 > 92 Liverpool Changes I
  5. Re: William Gallas Quality defender i wouldn't be surprised if he got 95 as hes been good for Arsenal this season but 94 he will definitely maintain.
  6. Re: My academy/team in custom setup(uk3 Simon Cooper) Season 3/ Turn 1. Unfortunately i came runners up last season to Cwmbran.They bought experience and my young progressin team had a slow start but after the player rating changes through out the season my team caught up and only in the last game of the season Cwmbran managed pull off the home win against me to take the title. The Squad G|HART, Joe 20/86/5.4m RB|OPARE, Daniel 17/75/593K RB/LB|ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca 31/94/6.6M CB|MILITO, Gabriel 27/93/8.5M CB|DAVID LOMBAN, Rodriguez 20/75/547K CB|MACHUCA, Alexis Maximiliano 17/70/10K
  7. Re: Espanyol Players KAMENI, Idris 90 rise to 91.Currently playing in african nations.Still young keeper and been good this season for espanyol. MARC TORREJÓN, Moya 87 rise to 88.Still young at 21 and played 22 games this season.Certain 88 but possibly 89. JARQUE, Daniel 89 rise to 90.Been great at the back this season.Has interest from england due to this. RIERA, Alberto 88 rise to 90. regular in the team,scored 5 goals and has been a regular in the Spain squad this season aswell. ÁNGEL , Martinez 81 rise to 85.Young midfielder who has played 10 games this season.At a low rating and with
  8. Re: 8 player rating changes English ratings happened 2 weeks ago.Otherwise apart from that i find this thread amusing
  9. Re: RB Miguel Torres of Real Madrid.Is 88 rating right now but i expect him reach 89/90.
  10. Re: need strikers that could rise in spain portugal or spanish changes Not in spanish or portuguese, but in the italian ratings in 2 weeks time. CERCI, Alessio 78 rating with the sm value of 1.4m. Should increase to 83/84. Obviously my 1st 2 suggestions would be Bojan and Dos Santos if available .
  11. Re: Klaas Jan Huntelaar and his rating... @fitz: I wasn't dissin Huntelaar tho... so dont make assumptions.Huntelaar is a better striker than the likes of Kezman and Kuyt who both came to England with good scoring records for their clubs but failed to do so in the premiership.I'd love Liverpool to sign Huntelaar and sell Kuyt but it wont happen
  12. Re: Jose Reina deserves 94 Debates are always good. Obviously not everyone rates him as highly as i do. His strengths id say is his shot stopping and hes great at saving penalties.He's very rarely injured and did have 2 games for Spain in euro qualifying but* mainly due as Spain were through but still he played so i consider only Casillas ahead of him for Spain which i think is about right at the moment.Reina is only 25 so has plenty time to improve yet i still say he's better than van der Sar but then again van der sar has had a great career and at 37 doesn't have time on his side .
  13. He's the 1st name on the liverpool teamsheet voted by liverpool fans on there website. He is always consistent for Liverpool even when the rest the team are not. I believe Reina is better than Van der Sar but should atleast be on par with the dutch keeper on 94.Only Cech in my eyes can say he is better than Reina in the premiership so give this guy his deserved rating of 94 as it is on merit for his performances in both the premiership and europe.
  14. Re: INSUA, Emiliano I also think hes better than his rating right now BUT as a liverpool fan i have only heard about him last summer when he played for Argentina in the under 17 world cup.Soon as he emerges into the 1st team squad or atleast rafa cud send him out on loan to a decent club,Then he should increase to the 80s no problem.
  15. Re: Klaas Jan Huntelaar and his rating... I agree huntelaar is a much better player than his rating suggests. But! then again look at Dirk Kuyt scoring record in holland it was pretty good which was the reason Liverpool bought him in the 1st place. This guy needs a move big time OR really needs Ajax to get back in the champions league and get to atleast the quarter finals.The dutch league there is too big a gap from the top 3/4 teams and the rest the league.
  16. Re: managers not logging on??? In my Valencia setup there is this guy. Offline (52) wowhee heewow 5:30am Wed 12th Dec Liverpool I've been checking since xmas about this guy and his rep has just kept going up.Anyways just wondering when this inactive guy will get his team removed.
  17. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Eboue is a good player but has been pushed to right wing as hes now 2nd choice right back behind sagna.For that reason alone hes gone down a rating and hasnt played as many games with injuries,etc. A 90 rating player but has to play in his prime position and may need a move away from the Emirates for it.
  18. Re: Ronaldo A 98 he should be 98 same as kaka no 1 else should be 98 as there not on the same level as these 2. ronaldo thread .
  19. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread After his impressive hat-trick today and all the way hes performed this season in general i would push him upto 90 .
  20. Re: South American Superstars Part 1 http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12876_3060630,00.html Santos, who realise Neymar cannot sign a professional contract until he is 16, have already acted to counter this by finalising a deal for his image rights until 2015 which means they are due £13million if somebody tries to steal their prized youngster. Real are not too happy about this as they thought they had a deal sealed for Neymar - but now they know they have to agree terms with Santos if they want to secure the player.
  21. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread West Ham You make a good point about Lucas Neill i think he could possibly be given 90 as he's a solid consistent defender. Portsmouth Muntari who's already 90 rating has also performed well and if plays well for Ghana this week coming up that could push him to 91 possibly. Chelsea Also Anelka i feel 93 isnt faraway from him. Scott Sinclair of Chelsea rise from 82 to 85? he's been playing for QPR and i feel he should be an 84. Juliano Belletti to 90.Hes been great for Chelsea and has scored some great goals. Arsenal Eduardo da Silva - yes hes a great pl
  22. Re: Jermaine BECKFORD I think atleast an 81 but for me an 82 is most ideal for this guy who has been terrific for leeds this season.
  23. Re: Ronaldo A 98 Ronaldo is magic thats the point of the thread. @Sweeet: Thx for bringing up messi in the ronaldo thread for no apparent reason. @Capslock: Thx for bringin up Lampard and comparing him with Gerrard in the ronaldo thread for no apparent reason.
  24. Re: Ronaldo A 98 Ok this should clear jus 1 or 2 things up on how important players are for their team. Cristiano Ronaldo club stats this season: Premiership : 17(1) games | 16 goals F.A Cup : 1 game | 1 goal Champions League : 5 games | 5 goals Overall : 23(1) games | 22 goals ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steven Gerrard club stats this season: Premiership: 18(1) games | 7 goals F.A Cup: 1 game | 3 goals Carling Cup: 1(1) games | 1 goal Champions league: 7 games | 4 goals Overall: 27(2) games | 15 goals --------------------------------
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