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  1. I am struggling to make any money with my chelsea team, I have 20 first team and 18 youth team of players expected to rise from 70 to 75+.

    My first team is very strong in terms of ratings.

    However with a stadium capacity of 42,055, I basically lose money every game including home fixtures. Other players in the league have stadiums far bigger, and they must make alot more money.

    How and when can I get a increase in capacity? i am desperate to be on a par with Arsenal, Man Utd and Man City in the game.

  2. Re: Its Official! Englands League 1 & 2 next

    Lee is in the Championship now fella' date=' scored a hat trick against Ipswich at weekend. Still sign this bloke though, only 10k and rated 69, should go up by 8-10![/quote']

    Ive already got Tomlin, had him for well over a year now. Been waiting for the updates for bloody ages.

  3. Re: Its Official! Englands League 1 & 2 next

    Could someone tell me how much alan connel and micheal jacobs are gona rise? Thanks :)

    hes 70 at the moment - could go up to 78 at least, he has been Northamptons best player by far last season, and for the start of this season.

    Hes also had alot of interest from championship clubs.


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