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  1. Re: Montolivo + el sharawy for my DE JONG.. urgent Yes. De Jong isnt a safe 92 anymore, quiet old, and Netherlands were awful in the Euros. El Shaarawy is young and will get more time next season, and Montolivo is gonna be a defo starter for both Italy and Milan. Go for it!
  2. Simple, which of these two players is better, has a brighter future and is more likely to go up next update.
  3. Giovinco (Juventus) vs. Luuk de Jong (Borussia Monchengladbach) Which one should I keep?
  4. Re: youth squad & Rating impact As far as I know youths don't get concerns if in the youth squad. And whole point of loaning players is that you won't have to pay their wages. I've loaned out 2 88s, that saves me 30K every game turn. The ratings are only so players have a value. They don't impact the game as much. It's all about the tactics. Sometimes if you play the right tactics for long enough even your weakest player will get used to it and will get better ratings/have a bigger impact on the game. I had D. Villa (when 96) and Balotelli as my STs. I used D. Villa as my target man but
  5. Re: Youth Team Clear Out: Please Help Keep players that play for good teams, like Tello. His rating will go up. Also keep new players cos most of the new players enter the game with a very low rating but go up soon. Sell 20/21 year old that haven't reached 82 yet. There are too many players and i don't have enough time at the moment to look at all of them, but you can do it yourself on transfermarkt.co.uk.
  6. I looked at his stats this season and for an 88 CM its quiet impressive so i don't think he will go down, but obviously he isn't part of the Spanish national team. Will he just stay as an 88 or will he go up?
  7. Simple, which of these two is more likely to go up?
  8. AKINFEEV, Igor OLIMPA, Kévin AZPILICUETA, César DOMINGUEZ, Álvaro SILVA, Thiago DANTE, Santos ALONSO, Xabi LAMPARD, Frank BOATENG, Kevin-Prince HERRERA, Ander GANSO, Paulo Henrique KAGAWA, Shinji GROSSKREUTZ, Kevin IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan Title says it all. Want to know players predicted ratings for next season. Simple Rise/Stay will do.
  9. Re: How to beat a 3-5-2 formation You should never use arrows unless someone, for example, someone is right footed and you want them to play on the left to cut in and shoot. But arrows only pull players out of there favoured position, it puts them TOO far from/close to other players and leaves a gap so the opponent has more space to play as he will be unmarked. Should have picked 4-5-1 Defensive, Defensive Mentality with Counter Attack, Fast Passes, and pressing own half. This means that when they push up, and go beyond the half way line, when even their defenders are starting to attac
  10. Title says it all. Will 4-3-3 Wingers work against 3-5-1. Also what tactics should i use???
  11. Re: Newbie here would like some expert advice please!! Get rid of Valencia. I don't know most of your youth to be honest, but i'm sure they are all talented. Some of your youths like Cuenca, Varane and Ocampos are worth keeping. If you are worried about going into negative (money) then loan or sell your youth and the first team players who are not in smaller leagues, like Ganso. I believe the limit for a player in the Brazilian league is 89 so unless he moves to a much more competitive league or a big team, you should sell him.
  12. So, i challenged my friend for a friendly because we are not in the same Division. His team's average is 92, while mine is 91. Most of his players are 92, while mine is boosted up to 91 due to the on-pitch presence of players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Xabi Alonso and Thiago Silva. He usually plays 3-5-2, 4-5-1 or 4-5-1 Defensive. I must use my key players if i want to win i guess, but not sure which formation to use. Will 4-5-1 work Vs. 4-5-1 if i use Zlatan as 'Target Man' and Xabi as 'Play Maker'?
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