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  1. Re: Young Skill ~75 Improvers Thank you both - I've put bids in for Lowe, Serero, Tunnifcliffe and ter Stegen (more expensive than I was thinking, but an incredible bargain by the looks of it). I already have an accepted bid for Chanturia so it's good to know he's well regarded.
  2. I've just taken on a lower division project and am trying to find players of skill 75/76 who can expect a 3+ jump soon. In particular, I'm looking for a GK, 2 CBs, a DM and a CM. Does anybody have any suggestions, or point me at a recent thread (I've had a look but not spotted anything at this sort of level). I've already grabbed Arsenal's Frimpong and a couple of more speculative ones, but any help would be gratefully received.
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