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  1. Re: Pepe+Coentrao Pepe+Coentrao for Silva/ worth it Pepe+Coentrao for Kompany/ not worth
  2. SoccaChamp


    Re: ozil What a **** sucker
  3. Re: Lewandowski for David Luiz If you have Lewandowsi, then keep him If you don't have Lewandowski, then buy him
  4. Re: Barcelona Players The ones in bold, IMO
  5. Re: Higuain or Silva Higuain, Silva is still good though
  6. SoccaChamp


    Re: ozil Nope, dude just offer Cambiasso + 10 to 20 mil and se what happens...
  7. SoccaChamp


    Re: ozil Like the other guys said, your giving away way too much, try giving just Villa??
  8. Re: Sell Messi? Keep him, Messi>World
  9. Re: Nasri + 5m = Ribery? Mad deal, for you, not for other manager::::::::
  10. Re: Subotic + Ozil for Silva. Worth? Just keep Ozil and Subotic, not worth giving away ::::
  11. Re: Forget Iniesta, Xavi, Kaka etc. The Best Creative Players Are Based In Iceland... hahahhahha
  12. Re: Debt problem. I wouldn't get sacked for dept ../
  13. Re: Pique Wait, are you getting Pique or selling Pique???
  14. Re: Pique It depends who you can buy with the money..
  15. Re: How good is Hazard? Hahaha, I guesse your the biggest fan of Hazard. Your sig, avatar, User title, and your reply!!
  16. Re: Chicharrito, Cavani, Falcao or Adebayor. Cavani and Falcao, defo future risers....
  17. Re: Xavi No need to reply for ideas, I already transferred him for Fabregas. The deal was me giving Xavi, ad recieving Fabregas..
  18. Re: ozil and ramos for iniesta??? is good deal??? Yerp, if Iniesta plays like this forever, then hell never drop, unless he goes to weak club.
  19. Re: Oxlade-Chamberlain or Cuenca Cuenca is better, both will be sooooo good in the future!!
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