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  1. Re: Eden Hazard vs. Angel Di Maria (VOTE!)
  2. Re: Eden Hazard vs. Angel Di Maria (VOTE!) wth how can hazard be better than di maria. this is ridiculous:p
  3. Re: FANTASY Draft League fantastic work evoked! cant wait for the season to start too. haha
  4. Re: Who should i let go? sell those in red i would say.
  5. Re: FANTASY Draft League who's gonna take the lyon and atletico team? their players really sucks btw.
  6. Re: FANTASY Draft League i would prefer #1 idea but as time goes i think it will slowly become #2 as manager quits and stuff.
  7. Re: FANTASY Draft League can i suggest that we create a facebook page for this.
  8. Re: Jordi Alba & Victor Ruiz Alba is a transfer target of both Barca and Man utd. should hit 89 by end of season. as for ruiz i think the same for him, forming a good partnership with rami.
  9. Re: FANTASY Draft League how long would one session of the draft lasts? and how many players will be drafted every session?
  10. Re: FANTASY Draft League i'm from Sg. sure to be there punctual.
  11. Re: FDL Draft picks + Teams + Reports/News etc. Draft Picks 1. Tim Howard 2. Branislav Ivanovic 3. Leonardo Bonucci 4. Andrea Ranocchia 5. Philip Lahm 6. Yaya Toure 7. Hernanes 8. Christian Maggio 9. David Silva 10. Angel Di Maria 11. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 12. Oleksandr Rybka 13. Luiz Danilo 14. Mehdi Benatia 15. Bakary Kone 16. Pablo Armero 17. Gonzalo Castro 18. Pavel Mamaev 19. Marco Reus 20. Henrik Mkhitaryan 21. Jose Callejon 22. Seydou Doumbia 23. John Flanagan 24. Rafinha Alcantara 25. Felipe Anderson
  12. Re: FANTASY Draft League Ajax please:D
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