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  1. Re: Help Center Back :S any 1 help me?
  2. High there i desperately need an 85 cb who is likely to rise any ideas on who to sign
  3. Re: albrighton 11million! call me crazy but imo definately sell it will take him another year or so to get to a 90 rating. SELL!
  4. Re: Experienced help needed! cheers m8 sounds a bargain for 5 million
  5. Re: Experienced help needed! cheers m8 this really helps and hes available what rating do you think he could achieve?
  6. Re: Experienced help needed! on goalkeepers i think curitois could be good bit stuck really
  7. Hi guys i need some suggestions on young riseing goalkeepers who you think could break into the high 80s cheers
  8. Re: Experienced help needed! cheers guys for the suggestions what do you think of foster and given i think they are unlikely to rise but cant think of any likely to rise gks any suggestions?
  9. Re: Experienced help needed! cheers for the help m8
  10. Re: Experienced help needed! ..............
  11. Re: Experienced help needed! cheers i will sell kaboul, any other opinions guys
  12. Re: Experienced help needed! Bump..... Help please
  13. Re: Experienced help needed! please guys i desperately need help
  14. Hi all i have a Reading Side in an English Championship. I have got to the stage where my side needs to step up a level as i am a mid table division 1(premier league)side i play the 4-3-1-2 formation. Heres my side any tips on how to improve it and who to buy sell and keep would be hugely appreciated, so too would any advice on ratings i have a budget of about 50 million, thanks! FOSTER, Ben (gk) GIVEN, Shay (gk) FLANAGAN, John (rb) JENKINSON, Carl (rb) KABOUL, Younès (cb/rb) CAHILL, Gary (cb) SHAWCROSS, Ryan (cb) COATES, Sebastián (cb) JOHNSON, Roger (cb) BAINES, Leighton (lb) ENRIQUE, José (lb) ROBINSON, Jack (lb) FRIMPONG, Emmanuel (dm) RODWELL, Jack (dm) ADAM, Charlie (cm) BARTON, Joey (cm) CLEVERLEY, Tom (cm) RAMSEY, Aron (cm) LIVERMORE, Jake (cm) DELPH, Fabian (cm) BARKLEY, Ross (cm) ALBRIGHTON, Marc (rm) N'ZOGBIA, Charles (lm) YOUNG, Ashley (am) TAARABT, Adel (am) FORMICA, Mauro (am) WELLBECK, Danny (st) GYAN, Asamoah (st) CARROLL, Andy (st) DOYLE, Kevin (st)
  15. Re: "higuin or aguero" ive never realy rated Higuin i dont know if im missing something because of his 94 on here who do u think will be better in the future?
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