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  1. Bernardo Silva sacks his agent Former Manchester City winger Bernardo Silva has reportedly fired his agent when he discovered that he was joining Danish minnows Silkeborg. "I was asked to sign the contract, but I was too busy posting pictures on social media to read the details. I blame my agent." said Silva. It is understood Silkeborg manager Gonzodan will be keeping a close eye on Silva's social media usage.
  2. Watford 1-0 Blackburn Rovers Now the fifth game in a row between these two teams where the the away side cannot score a goal. I hope that will be six when we play them later in the season. Not great to start the season with a loss, but I remain hopeful that we can have a positive year.
  3. The 7046 from the ashes. Well well well. I hope it lasts. Lots to report at Blackburn. No one in and no one out..hoping that changes soon....
  4. The whole game is a bug at the moment. This constant changing of values (Kenedy has been up and down in a daily basis) is making managing my squads a real pain in the ass.
  5. Can you not stop banging on about it now? I'm sure everyone knows how you feel.
  6. Chill ya boots. He has gone up by 4 already this season and we are only in December. He will rise again at the end of the season if not sooner.
  7. +1's to 89 for both Jorginho and Ghoulam. Really happy about that. Hoping for some more first team risers in the Spanish changes.
  8. Lost in the cup tonight against Southampton. Gutted, as we made about 500k in this match alone. Oh well, back in debt on Wednesday. Glad the Bug league changes are up and running. Always an exciting time of year
  9. The new UI is getting better. The boxes are still too big IMO, but it is all much better than release day. My big issue remains that on my Iphone I am forced into using the mobile version of the game (or use the app). I'm sure the developers are very proud of what they have done, but PLEASE give me the choice and let me use the desktop version if I want. The only reason I can think is that it is costly to do. If this is the case let me know how much it will cost and I'll tell Santa to pop by.
  10. Sheffield Utd drop to 15th in Div 1. Only 2 points off 10thbut it is going to be very difficult now. 7 games to play...
  11. Youth players Hanson, Santamaria and Gondo available for cash at Blackburn. A sign of things to come...
  12. This is very positive. No.1 in particular will make me feel far less claustrophobic. One thing I can see is that the dividing lines (denoting auto promotio/playoff etc) in the league tables appear to be wrong.
  13. I'm not staff but... Game world tab/Player database/New Players
  14. Despite the recent speculation: Kenedy is staying at Blackburn!
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