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  1. Hazard

    The Random Thread

    It's not random at all. The GIF illustrates the lack of activity on this thread, or indeed of this forum, as it shows Mystery Incorporated searching for lifeforms. I've been kind of bipolar of late. Some days I feel optimistic and energetic. On other days I feel depressed and can't be bothered to get out of bed. I've been through an eventful couple of months. Don't want to talk about it. Anyway enough about me, how has the Pedro-meister been of late? Has he got a girlfriend yet or is he still resorting to playing with his sisters knickers?
  2. Same here. It's quite obvious that he's lost the dressing room. I think it's mainly down to his demeanour. The old Mourinho was fun, now he's just an annoying, classless tool.
  3. Hazard

    The Random Thread

    Re: The Random Thread Three red cards in four minutes?! :eek: This smells of match fixing.
  4. Hazard

    The Random Thread

    Re: The Random Thread Presumably for lolz.
  5. Re: Official Manchester United Thread And I'm saying that Sheikh's aren't really "astute businessmen" and are far more sinister. I'm hardly attacking Sheikh Mansour or any Sheikh's for that matter, I'm just being candid. Whether you guys like it or not, it's the truth. The same applies for Abramovich. Besides, it's not like I'm ignoring Abramovich's wrongdoings, so I'm not really being ironic am I?
  6. Hazard

    The Random Thread

    Re: The Random Thread vH24pE6OoD4 Hahaha. His accent makes it 1000x times better.
  7. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I was talking about the UAE Sheikh's in this instance. As for Roman, I'm not gonna dispute about the legality of his finances as it's been well documented that he was involved in a lot of corruption. It'd be nice if the City fans acknowledge that Sheikh Mansour is a shady character. Of course he's done great things for the club, but he's no messiah.
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