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    KOSov3l reacted to Glenn Hysén in Sm hates mario gomez   
    Re: Sm hates mario gomez
    First of all I guess he was pretty close to get 94 for his 2011/2012 season but last season he had to sit on the bench as Mandzukic were preferred by the coach.
    He didn't play as a starter in many games last season. At first due to injury but then because of Mandzukic.
    He would have had a chance to hang on to his 93 if he'd stayed in Bayern but I guess the move to Fiorentina was the decisive factor for his drop.
    It's often the other way around for players that move to a bigger club and gets a rating increase without even playing a single minute for their new club. I'm not saying it's right but this is the way it works in SM.
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    KOSov3l reacted to JTennant in ranocchia ?   
    Re: ranocchia ?
    Nope if it was me i would sell him would rather have a scarecrow in defence than him
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    KOSov3l reacted to Geoffrey in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13
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    KOSov3l reacted to Vincy in Predictions Argentina 2012/2013   
    Riferimento: Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013
    keep him if the league is very competitive
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    KOSov3l reacted to Duncan in Predictions Argentina 2012/2013   
    Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013

    Yip' date=' but only if you have enough money to support his salary. He is linked with some big clubs of late.

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    KOSov3l got a reaction from Bornich in English Premiership Rating Predictions   
    Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13
    sell Boyata and keep McClean
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    KOSov3l reacted to BroodRoosterNL in Bundesliga Ratings Discussion   
    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013
    Can anyone tell me why this guy's not playing?

    If you have no knowledge of good cartoons, its Bender ;')
    Btw Muller seems back on top of his game right?
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    KOSov3l reacted to Maxpayne in The biggest ever risers GW: World Talent Scout   
    Re: The biggest ever risers GW: World Talent Scout
    Lol, after i posted the pic of my starting 11 and subs i got this message :cool:
    (i've hidden the name of the team that this manager trains, for privacy, as it wouldnt be right telling everyone who he is)

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    KOSov3l reacted to whu1993 in Shall i sell szcsensy and canasles and get casillias   
    Re: Shall i sell szcsensy and canasles and get casillias
    Do you mean the maths ? You do the Spelling haha.
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    KOSov3l reacted to fowftw in Brazil Série A Rating Predictions   
    Re: Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions
    Not much- i heard they have a tendency to die out.
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    KOSov3l reacted to arampage in Counter formations   
    Re: Counter formations
    Got that right
    I don't think this thread or any other would claim to have a lock on winning as you are right it's the players personal opinion and experience-the sort of data that you require as proof is virtually impossible to provide since only (maybe) SM has that large compilation of data -or a person who plays this game to collect stats over a long period in time since the sample size required would be huge.
    Also this is a collaborative piecemeal attempt at understanding the game dynamics-and profiting from it as it considers formations only (while some players post more info like tactics etc that is their prerogative). Is it misleading -maybe- is it a nothing thread -unlikely as its one of the few threads that is trying to make an effort to accomplish what man's been doing for centuries -master his environment (ratings predictions have been another aspect of the same goal).
    I would like to also compliment you on taking the time to at least state a valid opinion and identify the weakness of the thread unlike a lot of other more seasoned players, with a lot more info who choose not to help (by action or inaction) others or attempt to do so.
    Blah, blah, blah
    I have found 4231 works well, tactics/instructions are yours to set.
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    KOSov3l reacted to Zlatan Ibrahimovič in Who is better   
    Re: Who is better
    I would keep Patricio, because he is Portugal NT keeper, he can rise to 90 soon
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    KOSov3l got a reaction from Zlatan Ibrahimovič in Trimming Youth Squad   
    Re: Trimming Youth Squad
    I would keep:
    Ezekiel Fryers
    Luiz Danilo
    Tomas Kalas
    Nicholas Yennaris
    Jack Rodwell
    Mateo Kovacic
    Larnell Cole
    Ryo Miyaichi
    Andy Polo
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    KOSov3l got a reaction from Ravi in Trimming Youth Squad   
    Re: Trimming Youth Squad
    I would keep:
    Ezekiel Fryers
    Luiz Danilo
    Tomas Kalas
    Nicholas Yennaris
    Jack Rodwell
    Mateo Kovacic
    Larnell Cole
    Ryo Miyaichi
    Andy Polo
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    KOSov3l reacted to crisyo in Team   
    A tactic to increase our budget is to buy players that we think they'll increase their rating and to sell them later. If you have enough money, you can buy a lot of promising players. But here comes a problem. Not all the players are under 21 and we can't move them all to the Youth Team. At the First Team will be a crowd of players. The solution is simple: you can create the Second Team. And it will be simple to move players from the First Team to Second Team anytime you want.
    First Team - The most used players;
    Second Team - Players used when the first team has injuried players;
    Youth Team - Promising under 21 players.
    This could be the beginning of one of the most important update.
    If you feel like me, do not abstain to comment on the subject.
    :)Waiting for replies.
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    KOSov3l reacted to dancpoli in OverHyped Players   
    Re: OverHyped Players
    Well thank you for sharing that useful information
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    KOSov3l reacted to argala in Austria, denmark and switzerland   
    Re: Austria, denmark and switzerland
    imho, best risers in every danish club:
    FC København
    DELANEY, Thomas 78 +2/+4
    FC Nordsjælland
    OKORE, Jores 78 +4
    FC Midtjylland
    HASSAN, Rilwan 78 +4
    DRACHMANN, Janus 77 +1/+2
    SLOTH, Casper 76 +2/+3
    JAKOBSEN, Simon 76 +4
    LARSEN, Nicolai 75 +4/+5
    FALK JENSEN, Rasmus 75 +3/+5
    ANTIPAS, Quincy 79 +1/+3 (imho no worth buying anyone here)
    STENDERUP, Daniel 80 +2/+3
    BRESEMANN, Jacob 77 +3/+5 (35 yo)
    HB Koge
    CHRISTOFFERSEN, Simon 78 +1/+2 (not big rise but prospect)
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    KOSov3l reacted to barcelonateam in Turkish Delight's   
    Re: Turkish Delight's
    you are all missing two players, top top young players which would 100 percent go up !!!
    AGE : 20
    RAT : 80
    VALUE : 1,900,000
    POSITION : AM/Wing
    HE is nearly getting evry game for galatasaray which are top of the turkish leage , he is not a goalscorer he is a creator, they call him turkish messi, becouse he is so creatv, could reach 85 easily before he reacher 21/22
    AGE : 21
    RAT : 78
    VALUE : 800K
    HE is also getting evry game and is such a bargain its unbeliveable, not as talented as emre colak but also very good, and could reach/should/would reach like 85 at age 22.
    they are both great turkish young prospects, you should buy them
    thanks for reading, hoped i helped
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    KOSov3l reacted to marty111 in SPL risers   
    Re: SPL risers
    Hearts now done as well. Not too many there as the team has hardly changed. Templeton is a brilliant player who deserves 84. Ian Black also deserves it as he is has also been brilliant for Hearts. He was best player by a mile in the derby.
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    KOSov3l reacted to Riserscout in Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........   
    Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed?
    It has to be Slovenia and Slovakia, why are these leagues being ignored?
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    KOSov3l reacted to TheDude in 60-74 risers (divided into leagues)   
    Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues)
    should be some more rep coming my way for those english championship finds
    shame about fofo...i was looking forward to him getting a juicy +7 or +8
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    KOSov3l reacted to Elohim in The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread   
    Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread
    Sorry for my absence lads ... got a hefty amount of work that needs to be done on my new job ... and a few other thingss that is going on in my RL at this point in time ... majority of the teams will be upped in the coming week and I will potentially add the top 3 risers addition in each of the clubs that we up ... if this'd be something you all would want ?

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    KOSov3l reacted to Elton in Ugliest Players   
    Re: Ugliest Players
    Matt Tootle. He looks like a rat.
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    KOSov3l reacted to berwickranger in Ugliest Players   
    Re: Ugliest Players
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    KOSov3l reacted to Cubelano in Ugliest Players   
    Respuesta: Ugliest Players

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