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  1. I have Thomas Muller in my team I have recieved an offer which is (Gareth Bale + Diego Lopez) Do i accept the offer or not
  2. Hello guys What do you think about NASTASIĆ, Matija should i buy him ? What is his potential ? + I have LOVREN, Dejan in my team do you think i should sell him PLEASE REPLY
  3. I have mandzukic in my team and other guy offered me benzema for him do i swap MANDŽUKIĆ with BENZEMA ?
  4. Should i keep any of them or do i sell them all who is going to rise and who will stay the same Rb: Abate Walker Howedes De Sciglio Carvajal Dominguez Alvaro Lb: Marcelo Alaba Lucas Digne Vertonghen Criscito
  5. Should i keep any of them or do i sell them all who is going to rise and who will stay the same Rb: Abate Walker Howedes De Sciglio Carvajal Lb: Marcelo Alaba Lucas Digne Vertonghen Criscito Dominguez Alvaro
  6. i have him in my team along with FELLANI MODRIC ILLARRAMENDI should i sell him or not
  7. Who do i sell and who do i keep? I want to sell at least two players Marco Reus Mario Gotze Thomas Muller David Silva Gareth Bale Neymar Aguero Because i want to buy Ronaldo and ibrahimovich and i have no money
  8. Re: De Gea, Leno or Szczęsny ? any other opinions ?
  9. I have an option to buy 1 of these 3 keepers who do i buy De Gea who plays for manchester united Wojciech Szczensy who plays for Arsenal or Bernd Leno who plays for Bayer Leverkusen please help me quickly
  10. Hello Everyone I have Witsel in my team and somebody offered me Niang and 12M should i accepet this offer?
  11. i have David Alaba and a guy asked me to swap him and give me Marcelo + Kaka What do you think should i accepte it
  12. Re: KOMPANY or CHIELLINI for MARCELO ? I have Kompany and Chiellini but i think that swapping one of them for Marcelo is better because i have to many defenders including T.Silva
  13. Hi guys i have a great team but I'm still losing i tried many formations but nothing work help me please can you please tell me what EXACTLY should i do Formation, starting line up, instruction and even who and when do i sub my players also if i need to buy or sell any players thanks
  14. Hi guys is it a good idea to swap any of them for marcelo ? if yes then who do i swap him with?
  15. who do you think will be useful DEDE, Vital D© 24 90 ANSALDI, Cristian D(RL) 26 90 SIRIGU, Salvatore GK 25 90 NAGATOMO, Yuto D,DM,M(RL) 26 90 PISZCZEK, Lukasz D,DM,M® 27 90 SCHMELZER, Marcel D,DM,M(L) 24 90 CASTRO, Gonzalo D,DM,M® 25 90 VERTONGHEN, Jan D(LC) 25 90 CAPOUE, Étienne D,DM,M© 24 90 MATUIDI, Blaise DM,M© 25 90 MENEZ, Jérémy AM(RLC),F(RL) 25 90 LENNON, Aaron AM(RL) 25 90 NOCERINO, Antonio DM©,M(RC) 27 90 FELLAINI, Marouane M,AM© 25 90 VELOSO, Miguel DM,M© 26 90 MILNER, James M©,AM(RL) 26 90 AUGUSTO, Renato AM(RLC) 24 90 GERVINHO, YaoKouassi AM(RL),F(RLC) 25 90 RÉMY, Loïc AM®,F(RC) 26 90 BONUCCI, Leonardo D© 25 91 MARIN, Marko AM(RLC) 23 90 LEWANDOWSKI, Robert AM,F© 24 90 ASAMOAH, Kwadwo DM,M(LC),AM© 24 91 PODOLSKI, Lukas AM(RL),F(RLC) 27 91 MIKEL, John Obi DM,M© 25 91 RAMIRES, Santos M(RC) 25 91 M'VILA, Yann DM,M© 22 91 LLORENTE, Fernando F© 27 91 BENDER, Sven DM,M© 23 90
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