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  1. Re: Counter formations the AI formation is getting irritating.... for the past few seasons, i have been dominating with my 352 but nw i am 8 pts behind the leader and 13 more games to go.... my 352 have been losing to 541,424 AI. in the past few season,my friend used 32221 but can still lose to AI and finish behind me but now his same 32221 enabled him to win all the 5 matches while my 352 drew 1 and lost 2. is there any fixed formation to counter AI anymore? i am getting sick of it cause my other team in the game world is so successful with the 352(perhaps i used diff 352 ._. ) :mad:
  2. looking for a defender, who will rise? heard tt both got chance to +1... and i got a chance to buy only one of the player from an unmanaged squad, i am contemplating whether falcao will +2 or an oscar +3 will be more beneficial ican buy falcao for 11.2m and oscar at 4.7m Thanks
  3. Re: Problem with the tactics page i got the same problem with you :( i am also using singnet -.- so how do we solve the problem? by following the method found on the flickr?
  4. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 potential of obiang at sampdoria? and at top clubs?
  5. i currently got pepe, but is it worth to swap him for kompany? cause pepe is 29 already and i heard that kompany is going to rise to 94? btw is jard ward prowse till worth keeping after he rised to 82/83 ?
  6. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread will ben yedder and delle still rise in the next review?? what is the max potential for them cause i feel liek cashing them out for better players ._.
  7. Lucas Digne Ben Yedder Joris Delle Andre Wisdom Suso ismael lopez pedro obiang leali de sciglio Thanks
  8. how much will they rise by the next review and what is their potential by the end of the season? Thanks
  9. does the chairman evaluation affect their value when they are at my squad??
  10. any suggestions? i intend to use busquests as a CB to replace either pepe/subotic meanwhile my dm is khedira...
  11. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread how much will ben yedder , n'sakala and raspentino rise?? any other major riser? thx
  12. Re: what will be the maximum rating for them? how long does it take for perisic/lewandoski/hamsik to rise??? is it worth to swap lescott for mretesacker?
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