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  1. Will Jordan Henderson rise? Been offered 25 mil and Soyuncu for him, I have Aouar who can replace him and the 25 mil can be used to buy probably 5-6 82-83 rated youths.
  2. cant see how hazard will keep his rating he's done nothing since his move, Gnabry is playing in arguably the best team in the world, I'd persoanlly rather have Gnabry, + the cash you could get a load of decent youths maybe
  3. Simakan/Sofiane Diop worth a buy? Got bids in for both, every penny matters. Anyone else more highly rated/valued around their rating/price?
  4. Camavinga worth any of Gravenberch/Schuurs/Taylor/Ekkelenkamp? May be able to get 2 of them, really competitive gold world with a bog standard Rennes team with 0 depth
  5. Will it be opening today? Or still waiting on people to respond?
  6. Theres random gold gameworlds bugged and have been stuck for months and months. Theres a gold world, around 340, thats stuck in season 5 or 6, and the one after it is in season 12 or something. Ain't gonna get fixed. I'm done with Golds now just gonna stick with some customs gameworlds, they can't even update the leagues, it's been 3 years. The clown that started this original post is the exact thing that's wrong with the game and the reason that in 1, 2 maybe 3 year, it'll be dead and buried for good
  7. I'm still interested. As other people mentioned I think a draft will be chaos and either won't work or will take ages to get it sorted. In my opinion a normal gameworld with x amount of budget (100/150?) would suffice. But as i said earlier I'm not fussed either way I'm happy with whatever the creator is happy with. As for the teams if we're picking from that list stick my name down for Monza if it isn't already picked
  8. Have you remembered to note my name down? It's not on the post where you have people tagged
  9. Not necessarily , I’ve just woke up coz I work nights haha. I personally like the idea of a draft but getting it to work perfect might be meh. I like someone’s suggestion earlier of maybe picking one of each position then going free for all to spend the rest of the cash but either way I don’t care, looking forward to it opening though sounds like there’s a lot of interest
  10. I think its 300 mil max budget Great thanks will keep an eye out for updates
  11. I'd like to join the gameworld if possible? 1. Starting balance - Think this should be decided depending on if theres a rating cap? If cap is lower then budgets dont need to be as high 2. Squad cap 30-40 3. Age cap if any 30 4. Ratings cap if any - Don't mind 5. Stadium sizes 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k. Stadium size will determine the level of difficulty. 10k or 15k 6. Economy level Medium to high 7. Drafting players Yes or No. If yes, how many? No
  12. I'll be very surprised if any updates even happen within the next decade. The one main thing they need to upgrade as a 'business' (apparently) is their customer service. OP is probably the one pocketing the money from the reserved clubs in Gold Gameworlds. Game is a farce, returned after a 5 year break and I think once this gold membership runs down I'll be quitting again, for good this time, like a hell of a lot of other managers have done/are doing.
  13. Love how active the OP is on this topic, must be taking the weekend off. As if the previous 5 year letting the game rot wasn’t enough.
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