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  1. I stopped reading after I read the player listed for cash . You DID have him listed for cash , now I know you obviously did it by mistake on your mobile I guess because it was changed after your pathetic counter. Instead when I mentioned it you denied it and started to slander me. Yet you still deny it and still drone on and on about how you’ve done nothing wrong . Simple apology would’ve sufficed but you made it personal targeting me with on the feed ( who cares if it was feed or DMs people have confirmed it happened) bang on all you want, get your mates to target me as much as you want. I apologised, said it won’t happen again (something you’ll never be able to do) it’s not enough . Carry on going round in circles , obviously got nothing better to do with your Friday
  2. Yeah, because talking to you lot it’s like 15 v 1 , what do you expect? I said if anyone had a problem to PM me and I would explain my side, but nah you’ve all just followed suit. Think it’s the 3rd time I’ve said it but I’m not replying anymore, pointless going round and round in circles, yous are the ones that won’t let this drop. It’s my view and no one else’s? Yeah right, you’re all backing someone that talks to people like dirt and just because I’ve done him over (won’t happen again have I mentioned that?) you’re all taking his side because it effects others but when he set his mouth off on the news feed belittling me, and it only effects me, it’s ok because I didn’t make a deal of it? K
  3. As I’ve mentioned several times , it won’t happen again . But that’s not good enough for all you law abiding citizens that have strolled through life so perfectly without ever putting a foot wrong.
  4. I’m not leaving , as I’ve said before , you don’t endorse ‘cheating’ but you endorse his attitude towards me in previous news feed posts? Good on you bro , just like you lot are sticking by Mr Attitude Sheikh, I’m standing in my corner, I’ve tried explaining myself , seems like I’ve been talking to several different walls, can’t get through . I’ve had 3 PMs from people I won’t name saying they don’t agree with what I did but remember the news feed crap that went on in the beginning. If you think I’m going to leave and let Kiddy Van Sheikh strut around thinking he’s the dogs , think again
  5. I’ll save you the hassle , Pop Tate is me. I’m not a cheat, read the news feed posts. Put my side of the story on there. As for two accounts no idea what you’re going on about there’s me and then there’s Jbee who is the game world owner. Unless that’s your signature on here I can’t tell on mobile. take my side, or don’t. I really don’t care, if people are going to use this as an excuse to leave the game world , that’s on them. I’ve already said it’s a one and done thing. I’ve said everything I needed to say, it won’t happen again. Up to you lot to get over it.
  6. Will Jordan Henderson rise? Been offered 25 mil and Soyuncu for him, I have Aouar who can replace him and the 25 mil can be used to buy probably 5-6 82-83 rated youths.
  7. cant see how hazard will keep his rating he's done nothing since his move, Gnabry is playing in arguably the best team in the world, I'd persoanlly rather have Gnabry, + the cash you could get a load of decent youths maybe
  8. Simakan/Sofiane Diop worth a buy? Got bids in for both, every penny matters. Anyone else more highly rated/valued around their rating/price?
  9. Camavinga worth any of Gravenberch/Schuurs/Taylor/Ekkelenkamp? May be able to get 2 of them, really competitive gold world with a bog standard Rennes team with 0 depth
  10. Will it be opening today? Or still waiting on people to respond?
  11. Theres random gold gameworlds bugged and have been stuck for months and months. Theres a gold world, around 340, thats stuck in season 5 or 6, and the one after it is in season 12 or something. Ain't gonna get fixed. I'm done with Golds now just gonna stick with some customs gameworlds, they can't even update the leagues, it's been 3 years. The clown that started this original post is the exact thing that's wrong with the game and the reason that in 1, 2 maybe 3 year, it'll be dead and buried for good
  12. I'm still interested. As other people mentioned I think a draft will be chaos and either won't work or will take ages to get it sorted. In my opinion a normal gameworld with x amount of budget (100/150?) would suffice. But as i said earlier I'm not fussed either way I'm happy with whatever the creator is happy with. As for the teams if we're picking from that list stick my name down for Monza if it isn't already picked
  13. Have you remembered to note my name down? It's not on the post where you have people tagged
  14. Not necessarily , I’ve just woke up coz I work nights haha. I personally like the idea of a draft but getting it to work perfect might be meh. I like someone’s suggestion earlier of maybe picking one of each position then going free for all to spend the rest of the cash but either way I don’t care, looking forward to it opening though sounds like there’s a lot of interest
  15. I think its 300 mil max budget Great thanks will keep an eye out for updates
  16. I'd like to join the gameworld if possible? 1. Starting balance - Think this should be decided depending on if theres a rating cap? If cap is lower then budgets dont need to be as high 2. Squad cap 30-40 3. Age cap if any 30 4. Ratings cap if any - Don't mind 5. Stadium sizes 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k. Stadium size will determine the level of difficulty. 10k or 15k 6. Economy level Medium to high 7. Drafting players Yes or No. If yes, how many? No
  17. I'll be very surprised if any updates even happen within the next decade. The one main thing they need to upgrade as a 'business' (apparently) is their customer service. OP is probably the one pocketing the money from the reserved clubs in Gold Gameworlds. Game is a farce, returned after a 5 year break and I think once this gold membership runs down I'll be quitting again, for good this time, like a hell of a lot of other managers have done/are doing.
  18. Love how active the OP is on this topic, must be taking the weekend off. As if the previous 5 year letting the game rot wasn’t enough.
  19. You can’t say you have the utmost respect for your customers when the game has gone ignored for 10 year. The leagues haven’t been updated n about 4 year. Just because someone now is putting time into responding to people on the forum doesn’t mean it can wipe away the previous years where the game and loyal customers has been neglected.
  20. Couldn’t agree more with the way they’ve went on with paying customers. Yeah he put hundreds into the game(mostly when I was younger) just to have game worlds ruined by people that are so sad to the point they pay for multiple gold memberships just to be able to cheat their way to the squad they want. No way to report them other than to submit a bug report which then gets closed ‘due to not being a bug’ and of course seeing as the multi accounters pay money, SM couldn’t care less. also why is the discord server private? I searched all over online and couldn’t find it, so I dm’d her royal highness ‘Roy Keane’ and got a reply typical of him and his arrogance and refusing to give me any info on it. Surely getting people into a discord server would work just aswell as the forums if not better
  21. The fitness that is showed on your tactics screen is the fitness they'll start the next game at.
  22. Theo Hernandez + diogo dalot or Odriozola?
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