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  1. Love how active the OP is on this topic, must be taking the weekend off. As if the previous 5 year letting the game rot wasn’t enough.
  2. You can’t say you have the utmost respect for your customers when the game has gone ignored for 10 year. The leagues haven’t been updated n about 4 year. Just because someone now is putting time into responding to people on the forum doesn’t mean it can wipe away the previous years where the game and loyal customers has been neglected.
  3. Couldn’t agree more with the way they’ve went on with paying customers. Yeah he put hundreds into the game(mostly when I was younger) just to have game worlds ruined by people that are so sad to the point they pay for multiple gold memberships just to be able to cheat their way to the squad they want. No way to report them other than to submit a bug report which then gets closed ‘due to not being a bug’ and of course seeing as the multi accounters pay money, SM couldn’t care less. also why is the discord server private? I searched all over online and couldn’t find it, so I dm’d her r
  4. The fitness that is showed on your tactics screen is the fitness they'll start the next game at.
  5. Theo Hernandez + diogo dalot or Odriozola?
  6. Guido Carillo + Meite (Monaco) or Sandro Ramirez?
  7. He proposed it to me, I know some people prefer younger players, I mean I do in some instances but Im hoping Godin hangs on to his 94/93 or even 92 for a good while yet and I'll definitely have the better side of the deal
  8. Dont know why its made me put that as a quote that Sir Rahul wrote but its my question: I've just swapped my Jemerson for Diego Godin in a competitive gameworld, correct decision surely? I know the age gap is 6 years but rating is a difference of 4 and Godin should be good for another 5-7 SM seasons with a 93 and above rating?
  9. Anyone else getting this the past couple of days or just me? Bad Gateway + Website error everytime i change club
  10. That's what they do unfortunately, ignore the cheats and let them get on with it, that's what this game has become
  11. Am i right in thinking Strootman and El Sharaawy for Fekir is too much to pay?
  12. Loads of new players added today anyone know about any of them? Players from Juve PSG etc
  13. I asked a few days ago but didnt get any replies, any opinions on Moraes Jorge + Rony Lopes for Guerreiro? Its in a competitive gameworld I cant make my mind up, Jorge is my starting LB at the minute and Lopes rotates for the cup games
  14. Jorge + Lopes (both from Monaco) or Raphael Guerreiro?
  15. Competitive game world, moraes Jorge and rony lopes plus a few mil or Raphael guerreiro ? Jorge is my starting lb at the minute and lopes plays my cup and European games
  16. Transfer deal: Lorenzo Pellegrini + Sergi Gomez or Wilshere?
  17. 100% the duo, take a look at how Xavi decreased in rating and thats probably how Iniesta will go in the next couple of year, sad but true.
  18. I've seen a few names dotted about on different posts, but who will be the best money makers in this next round of risers? Maybe buying for a few hundred thousand and then selling for 1 or 2 mil profit? Thanks in advance
  19. it cant be to do with the average rating of the team, I've just signed De Gea for my Basel side in a competitive gameworld and the highest player I have is Kurzawa at 90. It does have something to do with some sort of rating but it isnt the average i dont think
  20. Honestly I don't know much about them, Allisson is Romas and Brazil's (i think) No.1, I rate Forster highly but I dont think he'll rise anymore, Butland is a good young goalkeeper but he will need a rise and he could hit 90/91, if he moves. I'd go for Allison out of all of them
  21. Donnarumma Areola Horn Allisson Lopez Forster Butland Rulli
  22. Yeah but when I was bidding yesterday, it only allowed me to bid 499k, on all of my teams, now I've logged on today, I realised a manager outbid me in a few gameworlds up to 1.1 mil. And I knew I'd bid the maximum my chairman would allow me, so where the bids hadnt been accepted I've withdrew and re-made the bid and it allowed me to bid an extra 700k. Not sure if you get what I mean but I do
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