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  1. Riferimento: Counter formations i know i suggested you the obvious ones but there is no shame in that. both of them work very well in the game and perhaps the issue consists in using the right instructions with them. however setting in-game instructions in which you choose a different formation, if you're losing a match, could be a great help to achieve good results and prevent losses for example 4-2-3-1 -> 3-5-2
  2. Riferimento: Counter formations What do you think of this? 4-2-3-1 that SM Match Engine runs very well. I think you have already used it but i don't know which instructions you used with it. I suggest: Hard, Attacking, Short, Mixed, Fast, All Over, Tight Marking, Playmaker (MESSI), Target man (GOMEZ). If you see from Match Reports that you're enjoying less shots than your opponents remove tight marking and use play offside trap. You could also try to select mixed passes instead of short and remove target man using only Messi as PM. Then again if you're losing the match and you want t
  3. Riferimento: Re: Counter formations
  4. Riferimento: Counter formations ok i will come back with an idea tonight
  5. Riferimento: Re: Counter formations
  6. Riferimento: Re: Counter formations
  7. Re: Counter formations does your opponent play 3-5-2 like this?
  8. Re: Counter formations i will try it out. Thanks Benjamin
  9. Riferimento: Counter formations ok. did you notice something particular in the match reports? what do you read about possession, shots and so on? for example i would'nt use direct passes but mixed to keep more possession and at the same time being unpredictable. and what about pressing and play-style options? you didn't tell anything about.
  10. Riferimento: Counter formations 3-5-2 is a good formation mate and you have got a great squad. Which instructions have you been using till now?
  11. Riferimento: Counter formations sometimes try 3-5-2 all default except tackles, if you like, that could be hard. try that vs unmanaged sides. if they play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 you will play safe or nearly safe
  12. Re: Counter formations I'm not Hyina, fortunately for him (i joke:D), but i suggest you to use to use 4-3-3 wingers to counter 4-5-1. Neither 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1 are good counters vs it, in my experience. I find that 4-3-3 wingers could do the job. if losing shift from 4-3-3 wingers to 'normal' 4-4-2. However that's only my opinion and Hyina will give you his edit: i have seen that even arampage gave you his recipe to counter 4-5-1 (http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=114755), so there many different views on how to counter 4-5-1, for this reason after Hyina will give you his opini
  13. Riferimento: Counter formations yeah. you're right When the going gets tough the tough get going
  14. Riferimento: Re: Counter formations
  15. Riferimento: Counter formations However match engine sucks. Lot of matches have ended as draw in this last period, despite the statistics are good enough to legitimate a victory. If that is the case I think i wll leave the game.
  16. Riferimento: Counter formations I have performed some tests against 4-5-1 and i want to share with you the results i obtained: NO 3-5-2 NO 3-4-1-2 NO 4-2-3-1 NO 4-4-2 DIAMOND NO 4-1-3-2 YES 4-3-3 WINGERS So my experience suggests that 4-3-3 wingers could possibly beat 4-5-1. Try it with hard tackles, attacking mentality, mixed passes, attack down both flanks, fast tempo and press all over. then select your playmaker , i suggest you to use your better rated winger.
  17. Riferimento: Counter formations I confirm that strange things are happening and the game has become tougher but we won't chuck in the sponge and we will continue to help people playing this game
  18. Riferimento: Counter formations 4-3-3 wingers mate attacking style : down both flanks
  19. Riferimento: Counter formations danyial that's the easiest to counter 3-5-2 should do the work greatily 3-5-2 all default and keep in mind what mudito said if losing or drawing here is a good counter: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  20. Riferimento: Counter formations vs 3-4-1-2 tested it lots of times and always won games. Def a good counter-tactic against 3-4-1-2 formation Try it Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  21. Riferimento: Counter formations did you use 3-5-2 ? next time try 4-3-3 wingers normal mentality if he plays offensively use normal ment vs his attacking ment same tackling style as he does mixed or direct passes same pressing style use also men behind ball
  22. Riferimento: Counter formations i don't recommend 3-5-2 because i think that 4-3-3 wingers used with the correct instructions is still a good counter-tactic vs 3-5-2 so better not to risk in my opinion you could copy it and go defensive minded and play defensive style it he plays offensively. i have done always and at least picked up a draw, however never failed. another possibility, as people have already told, is : 4-2-3-1 and i would like also to add 'normal' 4-5-1 that none has mentioned before, although it's similar to 4-2-3-1 they're different
  23. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread just a curiosity what do you think of jeffren of sporting lisboa? i'm managing sporting in a custom game world so it's very hard to decide which players should be sold thanks in advance
  24. Re: Counter formations i think it's also because of benfica's istructions in his place i wouldn't have used short with you high pressing him in his half i would have selected counter-attack with you using all those arrows leaving spaces in the midfield i would have selected mixed and not down both flanks where you were well covered i would have selected also fast and hard to counter you doing like this i'm not sure whether you would win or not according to me we should say that formations with arrows are not the same as not using the arrows...
  25. Riferimento: Counter formations for celticfc482 see 1 page back and you will find the answer we have already discussed about it
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