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  1. Re: The New Players Thread Yes Partizan just moved him to youth team because he asked for too much money and they couldn't settle a professional contract Pantic has been captaining the youth side for years. Just watch his youtube video, kid is fantastic Serbia have a good chance to win the U19 again this upcoming year. We have some amazing talents coming through: Zivkovic Pantic Rajkovic Golubovic Milinkovic-Savic (one name ; Radonjic Belic Gacinovic Richairo Zivkovic (if he decides to play for us) Maksimovic Simic
  2. Re: The New Players Thread Andrija Zivkovic scores his 4th goal in as many games this season I don't remember the last time a 17 year old did that in our league Let alone a midfielder... Kids gonna be a star...scary talent Scored the game winner against a decent side for Serbian standards
  3. Re: Riferimento: Re: The New Players Thread
  4. Re: Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane! He's a super talented player, but he's also a hot head which never works out well with management. He's a very on and off player. He played superbly last season with Torino and even at the start of 2012, but he's since lost his place He's hot and cold. Really, it's a toss up. If you can get decent money for him and need it then sell him but if you have nothing to lose keep him. I could see him being a good player in Serie A or Bundesliga for a mid-table club but nothing more. I could not see him succeeding at Man United only because of his attitude--poor.
  5. Re: Filip Djuricic I should also mention that he made the Erdevisie starting 11 for the first half of the season. A promising feat. for a fairly young lad. He's arguably one of the top 5 talents currently in the dutch league and Van Basten constantly praises him in the media. Really have high hopes for him. A perfect #10 he is.
  6. Re: Filip Djuricic Beautiful goal he scored yesterday against Twente. He did a Zidane turn and chipped the ball over the goalkeeper. Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyYujwO-naQ He also scored a goal in a cup match a few days ago. The end is near for his Heerenveen days. I hope he finds the right club to transfer to as that will dictate his future.
  7. Re: Matija Nastasic He won City's Player of the Month in November. Nice try dude. It's his first season in the EPL as a 19 year old starting and dominating for City as he is outshining last years best defender in EPL, Kompany. This kid is going to be world class in a couple seasons and I will be here laughing at you. Serbian or not, this kid just oozes class. I've never seen a 19 year old defender being so dominant at this age.
  8. Re: Kyle walker and subotic.. Typical Brits overrating their players. Walker is an average defender. Subotic isn't world class either but he's definitely solid and has proven it over and over again unlike Walker.
  9. Re: Need defender on small budget Nastasic will be the best defender in the world in the next couple seasons would be a shame to miss out on him. He won Manchester City's player of the month for November as a 19 year old and is in contention for being EPL's best young player of the season. Although Sterling and Ox have a higher chance of winning.
  10. Re: mirilam sulejmani He refused to renew his contract with Ajax, so Ajax refuses to play him. He will more than likely be leaving this winter transfer window. I would keep him for a little bit to see how he's doing at his new club. He's got tons of potential. His issue is that he is very lazy, and it shows as he gained a lot of weight. Ever since he joined Ajax and made all that money, he didn't care about being the best anymore which is a shame cause he could have been one of the most explosive wingers in the world. Maybe he can live up to his potential at new club.
  11. Re: Lazar Markovic - a future star in making Scored a goal in the last league game...a nice goal at that He also assisted Partizan's only goal in Europa League against Rubin. He's pretty much enjoying it all this season. He's done fantastic domestically, in Europe, and for the national team. I can't wait to see him progress at a bigger club There's rumors again that Chelsea are heavily linked with him. I wouldn't mind this scenario though: Chelsea buys him, he gets immediately loaned out to a Dutch or German mid-level club where he can be a undisputed starter Great potential this kid. He's already Serbia's best attacking NT member along with Dusan Tadic and Filip Djuricic
  12. Re: Richairo Zivkovic Played again today against Ajax. He came on in the 71st and did quite well once again. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the game but my friend from Holland commented on his skills: "ince coming on Zivkovic has done IMO better than Teixeira, the Groningen No. 9. He has gotten involved. He retained possession three times for his side after getting a long ball. He showed one pretty good turn against two Ajax players, and he got into scoring positions twice. Once he got a through ball and was 1v1 vs Moisander, but he ultimately dragged his shot wide of Vermeer's post, while the other was a cross in the box. He was open, but unfortunately the cross was just a bit over. Considering the limited service, and the limited intelligence of the Groningen midfielders I must say I will keep an eye on this kid. Definitely showed some quality, but also intelligence to keep the ball. I lost count how many times the Groningen defenders just pumped the ball up when they had midfield options. They didn't have options all of the time, but they panic too much." It's a shame that Zivkovic is surrounded by such a poor squad; however, there is no doubt that Holland is the best place for him to develop. He has often been labelled as the next Robben but he downplayed it in his last interview by saying: "Robben has had an illustrious career at some of the best clubs in the world. I can only hope to have such a career as him." Seems like a decent lad with a good head on his shoulders. I think we've got a special talent here. Hopefully, he chooses Serbia over Holland Considering, both his parents are Serbian and all
  13. Re: Matija Nastasic Let's just say he's going to be the highest rated defender of all time on SMF It's not a guess, it's a promise Kid oozes class at 19. He's more composed than Kompany who is a top 5 central defender in the world currently and last season. I think that pretty much says it all. Anyone see his off the goal line save against Real Madrid after C. Ronaldo chipped ball over Hart and Nastasic ran back at super speed and knocked the ball out ....19 guys, 19.
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