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  1. Hi all This English championship needs new managers asap or its going to fold! Many of the big clubs available, and plenty of quality players. English Championship Gamer World ID 2515
  2. Club - Port Vale. Game World ID 283. The manager here assembled some of the biggest names in the game - then chucked the towel in. Club - Nottingham Forest. Game World ID 1093. Shooting myself in the foot here, as this team is on the verge of opening up to transfers, but the likes of Aguero, Coutinho etc make this a great squad.
  3. Managers needed urgently for game world id 263. This game World will close at the end of the season without new managers. All top clubs available, as are all the top players.
  4. Managers urgently needed for English championship ID: 263 This is an established league (79) but a mass meltdown has reduced it to critical numbers. As all the major clubs and players are available this is a chance to make a name for yourselves! These leagues are all under ten clubs meaning plenty of top clubs and players up for grabs:- ID : 2660 ID: 1093 ID: 3555 ID:2388 Many thanks to any takers
  5. Hi all New managers needed for the following English Championships:- Game World ID: 2660 Game World ID: 2089 Game World ID: 2388 All have top clubs available, and as such, there are masses of top players out there to strengthen squads!
  6. Hi managers needed for established league seriously urgent! Only three clubs so many. many top players available and a chance to build a successful team. Most of the top clubs are also up for grabs! Liverpool, Utd, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City all need managers!
  7. This is an urgent request for new managers. This league is down to three! ID 2388
  8. League ID 2388 Due to a recent and unexpected loss of a few big names, the league needs new managers for:- Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea. Only five teams taken so plenty of quality players in the market!
  9. New managers needed for an established league that has lost a few recently. Top players in the market, some top clubs needing managers. League ID 1093 Thanks
  10. New managers needed for an established league that has lost a few recently. Top players in the market, some top clubs needing managers. League ID 2660 Thanks
  11. The following leagues could all do with some help! Big clubs available, and big names available in the transfer market! Game World ID's:- ID:263 ID:2660 ID:1093 ID:3555 ID:2089 ID:283 Many thanks to those who join up!
  12. As title new managers needed for established league. A lot of clubs have just lost managers and have good squads so now is a good time to get in! Sheff Wed in particular.
  13. Hi all The following leagues need players, some top clubs are available to manage:- Id number: 1093 Id number: 2660 Id number: 2089 Id number: 2515 - very top players in the market here due to a club losing all it's stars!
  14. Hi Managers needed for a strong league with some quality clubs. Newcastle and Chelsea among those with some real stars in the squad. Bit of a weird situation as the membership in this league suddenly collapsed and went from over 12 clubs down to 5 very quickly!
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