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  1. Hi all This English championship needs new managers asap or its going to fold! Many of the big clubs available, and plenty of quality players. English Championship Gamer World ID 2515
  2. Club - Port Vale. Game World ID 283. The manager here assembled some of the biggest names in the game - then chucked the towel in. Club - Nottingham Forest. Game World ID 1093. Shooting myself in the foot here, as this team is on the verge of opening up to transfers, but the likes of Aguero, Coutinho etc make this a great squad.
  3. Managers needed urgently for game world id 263. This game World will close at the end of the season without new managers. All top clubs available, as are all the top players.
  4. Managers urgently needed for English championship ID: 263 This is an established league (79) but a mass meltdown has reduced it to critical numbers. As all the major clubs and players are available this is a chance to make a name for yourselves! These leagues are all under ten clubs meaning plenty of top clubs and players up for grabs:- ID : 2660 ID: 1093 ID: 3555 ID:2388 Many thanks to any takers
  5. Hi all New managers needed for the following English Championships:- Game World ID: 2660 Game World ID: 2089 Game World ID: 2388 All have top clubs available, and as such, there are masses of top players out there to strengthen squads!
  6. Hi managers needed for established league seriously urgent! Only three clubs so many. many top players available and a chance to build a successful team. Most of the top clubs are also up for grabs! Liverpool, Utd, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City all need managers!
  7. This is an urgent request for new managers. This league is down to three! ID 2388
  8. League ID 2388 Due to a recent and unexpected loss of a few big names, the league needs new managers for:- Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea. Only five teams taken so plenty of quality players in the market!
  9. New managers needed for an established league that has lost a few recently. Top players in the market, some top clubs needing managers. League ID 1093 Thanks
  10. New managers needed for an established league that has lost a few recently. Top players in the market, some top clubs needing managers. League ID 2660 Thanks
  11. The following leagues could all do with some help! Big clubs available, and big names available in the transfer market! Game World ID's:- ID:263 ID:2660 ID:1093 ID:3555 ID:2089 ID:283 Many thanks to those who join up!
  12. As title new managers needed for established league. A lot of clubs have just lost managers and have good squads so now is a good time to get in! Sheff Wed in particular.
  13. Hi all The following leagues need players, some top clubs are available to manage:- Id number: 1093 Id number: 2660 Id number: 2089 Id number: 2515 - very top players in the market here due to a club losing all it's stars!
  14. Hi Managers needed for a strong league with some quality clubs. Newcastle and Chelsea among those with some real stars in the squad. Bit of a weird situation as the membership in this league suddenly collapsed and went from over 12 clubs down to 5 very quickly!
  15. Id 283, lot of quality clubs, one side, Sheff Utd is packed with stars! Get in before they get sold off!
  16. Game World 3555 needs managers asap! Down to three and will be closed if we lose any more! Top clubs available, and, most important for incoming managers, with so few clubs taken, top players in the transfer market.
  17. ID 3555 Two sides with World class players, Leeds and Bradford need managers. So do Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City. ID 283 Strong league with several sides that have only recently lost managers. Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Man City, Liverpool. ID 2525 Another good league that has had one of the odd 'exoduses' that take place. Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Chelsea have lost managers here. ID 283 Some quality clubs here that need managers. One side, Sheffield Untied has a lot of world class players, including Modric, Higuain, Silva, etc.
  18. Id:3555 and id: 2809 Some big names need managers! Cheers to any takers.
  19. Has anyone else noticed that the current player 'skill' level 'up or down' system is not working? Or, and I would agree with this, the level of talent in World Football is in serious decline. Why? Well, when Soccermanager started the following (arbitrary) rules could be applied:- 95 - 99 World class star 93 - 95 Top international 91 - 92 Top club player, international 89 - 90 Good player, usually on their way down, or emerged as top young talent 87 - 88 Player on the cusp of making it, or veteran on the way down. 82 - 86 Good club player at a lesser club 80 - 82 Lower division player, but at a challenging club 75 - 79 Lower league player, or youth talent just breaking through into the first team. When I first joined the list of the very top players (93 - 99) was modest, but roughly one or two pages of the transfer sections for all outfield positions (D, M, F). But then the next category (91-29) went on for three or four pages or more. Now, we have a handful of really top class players, and even those in the 91-92 category in many positions has shrunk to one page! So what are we saying? That in seven years (while I've been here) we've seen a terminal decline in international talent? Or is it more that the system is open abuse? Scores to settle between rival fans used to cut each others players ratings, embittered fans who's side are supposed to be 'top dogs' but won either a cup or nothing at all and are punishing their 'stars' on here, fans who know nothing about the player but listen to the brain dead pundits and vote on that basis? Every single time the player changes come through maybe one or two (in the World!) players ratings go up, while loads go down. It's a daft way of doing things...
  20. Is anyone from SMFA going to comment on the reason what player stats have been chucked in together? As an added bonus, it makes match selections harder. A player (with his combined totals) can look like he's on a roll, when in fact he's not scored a league goal in a month. So, you carry on picking them, they carry on not scoring, you drop points, and thanks to the other 'brilliant; changes to the match engine, that means you can forget challenging for the league. Utterly useless...
  21. Is it a glitch or an 'improvement' that players stats have now all been lumped in together? Speaking personally it's a rubbish idea. The only stats I need (or want) in the squad table are league ones. These are the ones that tell you how well a player is doing, week in week out, not what he is doing against lesser sides in the cup, or in Europe. The latter are important, as for younger players in particular it shows how much experience you have given them, or, if you buy them in, how much they have gained, but the idea of 'all in one' for the squad stats is a bad one. Please reverse it, as this is just one more nail in the coffin for me. I'm sick of pointless, ill thought out changes that are destroying my enjoyment of the game. Thanks
  22. Hi Is this a new SMFA feature? My player appearances have gone from league only to including all appearances (Cup, Europe, etc) in the 'Squad' section. If so, can I ask why? I mean what the hell are they thinking of? You have enough problems with players bitching about lack of games, and now you have a system where even the most starved players look like they've played at least 50% of games! Please, please, please rethink this naff idea. Or hopefully it's just a glitch!
  23. Sorry, it isn't 'that' huge. I just won the league with one of my sides, and there is no way I can go on a 'transfer splurge' because I know, thanks to the naff new finance system I'll be in debt within a few weeks of the new season. I rarely ever buy players at all any more, as in order to do so I would have to sell great players in order to buy in average ones simply to break even. This is the model of small, lower tier teams, but it isn't an accurate model for top flight, or even big second tier sides in the real world. In the EPL for example, no-one should ever get into the red any more because the TV companies are literally hosing money on them. As such the new finance system is completely unrealistic. .
  24. I see no progress has been made since I posted this - despite the moderators promising they were 'looking into the issues'. I can see no point in carrying on now, although I have to congratulate the SMFA team. It takes real guts, real balls, to take a perfectly working, thoroughly enjoyable game - and totally trash it. Well done! I am getting very little pleasure out of a game where I have to sell my best players to stop falling into the red, where cash vanishes for no apparent reason, and odd times of the day or week, where I cannot buy players of quality any more as my clubs are, as above losing money all the time, I cannot check previous years results in context as the schedules have gone, and the new transfer fees are laughable given the new finance system. Add in that if you have a half decent side you win every week, but even then, drop one point, just one, and the title race is over. It's become a big fat waste of time. Again, well done.
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