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    SM Credits

    Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place. Can anyone please tell me how much SM credits are worth, I have over 6000 of them and my Gold Membership is up for renewing fairly soon, so was just wondering how much "real money" I would have to add to the SM credits I already have .....
  2. baldy

    Gold Membership

    Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place. I am a Gold Member and have 18 teams of a possible 33 (15 team places untaken) In that I have 7 game worlds. When I became a Gold member I took up an offer and bought 24 months and along the way I have started new game worlds. I have 107 days left and so far have not had to renew my membership.. I will be renewing my Gold membership for 12 months when that 107 days runs out and that takes care of 10 teams I believe ? If that is so, which teams will that be and will that include any of the game worlds I have started ?
  3. Re: Player fitness Thanx for the info guys, I will go straight there and have a look
  4. Can anyone help me to try and figure out player fitness. I only pick players above 95% cond. Their cond is affected when playing any league game, but not all cup games. I have noticed that with some cup games players cond is not always affected, but cannot figure out which cup games it happens to. Some games come 2/3 games one day after the other. Some teams I manage are not big, so picking the right mixture is important. How do I know which cup games are not going to affect my players cond ? If I know in advance them I can choose higher rated players instead of picking lower rated fringe players . Hope that makes sense ?????
  5. Re: Player concerns I have player concerns right across the board on 11 of the 17 teams I manage, so you can see it is of a real concern to me. I have rechecked my database against each player in each team and I would say that nearly all of them are totally unwarranted player concerns. For one I would like to know how many players a squad should be made up of and also what is the minimum level of fitness it should be before you don't pick them ? Maybe by knowing that it might make it more playable. Maybe my squad is too big or I am only playing players 95% or above fitness level ?????
  6. Re: Player concerns OK, read all that. As a few members have said I don't play players below 95% fitness. I regularly rotate players. The higher rated players in youth team are intermittently included. What sort of number of players should constitute a senior squad ? I have 29 -30 players. I keep an eye on any wage concerns and address them accordingly. The whole player concern thing still p _ _ _ _ s me off. The 2 players I lost thru them putting in transfer request were totally unfair considering the number of games played. I lost Nani who was banging in goals for fun and Esssien !
  7. Has anyone any idea how to sort out "Player Concerns" with the Soccer Manger support, that is if there is one. I have set up a database to keep an eye on any player that has concerns. I have now got several players on level 3 concerns. But checking 1 player on my tracking database since 30th July until 20th Sept there have been 17 games. 8 started, 2 subs,3 suspended and 4 with low condition. To me that is not warranting a level 3 concern,, but only a level 1. I have in 17 teams and 2 game worlds several of which have players with unwarranted concerns, so this is starting to be a worry to me as I have already lost 2 very good players who put in transfer requests and consequently lost them to another team. These players did not warrant having that level of concern, to say I am getting p _ _ _ _ _ d off is an understatement :mad: Has anyone got an idea as to how to sort this out. And just for the record I am a gold member
  8. Re: New young talent OK, thanks for the reply
  9. Re: Another new young talent Yeah, me too
  10. Re: Player search Thanks for the replies guys, sorry for posting in the wrong place. :confused:
  11. Manchester United have another young lad coming thru in Sam Johnson, a 18year old keeper, here is the clipping from Football Transfer. http://www.football-transfers.co.uk/ Man Utd loan out young keeper Johnstone September 9, 2011 £35 Free Bet BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE Man Utd to win their 20th title - 6/5 Manchester United have loaned out young goalkeeper Sam Johnstone to Shorpe United. The Iron have picked up the stopper on a month long loan, which is subject to extension when it ends next month. Shorpe were looking for cover in the goalkeeping department following a knee injury to Josh Lillis and United were more than happy to send out the 18 year old to get some first team experience under his belt. Lillis is expected to be out for close to three months with the knee problem. Johnstone revealed his delight at completing the move and added that Sir Alex Ferguson had mentioned that the experience would be good for him. Johnstone is an England youth international, having made his U16 debut way back in 2008. How do you go about getting this young talent getting added to Soccer Manager database ????
  12. Chelsea have just signed a exciting new talent in 16 year old Islam Feruz, apparently he is being dubbed as the Scottish Rooney. Here is the piece from Football Transfers. http://www.football-transfers.co.uk/ """Highly rated Celtic youngster Islam Feruz has agreed to join Premier League giants Chelsea. The Somalian born youngster, who has already represented Scotland at youth level, chose to turn down the offer of a professional contract at Parkhead in favour of a move to last season’s Premier League runners up. The news of the transfer was revealed by Feruz’s agent Rui Alves, who also mentioned that the 16 year old was grateful to Celtic for all what they had done for him. Feruz has been dubbed as the Scottish Rooney by scouts who have watched him play. Chelsea have beaten a host of clubs to Feruz’s signature, with Man United, Man City, Blackburn, Newcastle and a host of other European clubs all having expressed interest in him over the past season.""" I'm new here so just learning the ropes so to speak ...how does this player get added to the Soccer Manager database ???
  13. I don't know if it's just me, but this new format is not all that good. I am trying to search for players. I know there is a section for individual players or for a specific team, but I want to know how to do a general search for any players available for certain positions ...like I want to find a center forward that is available from unmanaged clubs ...I can't for the life of me find how to do it ... can anyone please put me out of me misery ...by the way this is my first posting.
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