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  1. Re: Martin Morel Thanks for the Investigation id say 87 is about right and any less id feel is unfair on his postion i thought he played as a Attacking Midfielder behind a front 2 either way hes getting - game time - scoring goals - and due for a raise
  2. Re: Martin Morel This Kids on FIRE another Brace thats two more Morel scores Both in Tigre 2:0 win against Godoy Cruz de Mendoza putting them Joint Top with San Lorenzo Morel is on 12 goals now 1 behind top scorer Jose Sand.
  3. Re: Martin Morel Another Update Morel has managed to hit his 10th league goal with a strike in Tigre 2:2 draw Colon he is still 2nd top scorer in Argentina and as a Midfielder he is only 3 goal behind Top scorer Jose Sand of Lanus watch this space. I am not getting any response from fellow forumers but that is ok as when he is considered a huge prospect i will simpley say i found him first
  4. Re: Italian Ratings very dissapointed that Aquilani, Mancini and Acquafresca all stayed the same they have been playing well for there clubs.
  5. Re: Italian rating predictions Ive been championing Pepe on all the Itailian Threads and have to Agree no way he should be -4 and _2 behind of Di Natale and Quaglierella he needs to go 90 hes an Itailan International i will be very disapointed if he only rises to 89
  6. Re: Martin Morel just an UPDATE Morel scored a brace against Lanus as Tigre win 3:0.. That takes his total upto 8 hes only 2 behind top goal scorer Jose Sand of Lanus whos still on 10..
  7. Re: Italian Ratings After posting this everyone said he'll get a rise to 89 but no more maybe 90 in the future but he'll never get any heigher then 91. Now after adding a full 90 mins international Cap surely Pepe has a chance of 90 in the current change and getting up to the heights of Di Natale 93 if his club and international form continue Goal.com gave him Man of the Match and his position must be secure for the next game especailly as Toni is suspended. does anyone agree or disagree with me surely hes not just a flash in the pan
  8. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. meireles or moutinho who is better both rated 91 i read that meireles might go up will moutinho he did play alot in the euros. dont get to watch any Portuguese football can you give me your opinion Gizb
  9. Re: Italian Ratings thanks very much for replies about Pepe thought i was being ignored or posted in the wrong place:) didnt now about the INT call up that is a bonus at 25 id say hes in his peak years and as hes in may GC Team i hope he can emulate Di Natale
  10. Re: Italian Ratings hi can someone give me an update on Simone Pepe rated 88 of Udinese. hes been a man stay of the side and partners Di natale and Quagliarella who are rated 93 and 91. it seems that the coach favours him as he has keep either out on occasion and is one of the first on the team sheets. scored 2 from 6 in serie A this season and made 2 UEFA cup Apps and 1 gl from the penalty spot I think hes due a rise to 89 and 90 if he continues. wanted t find out what the expereinced forumers think
  11. Re: Important Upcoming Rating Changes it clearly says cb next to milito so i think it is gabby milito for Barca brother of Diego who is a Striker he does play for Genoa i remember when both played for Real Zaragoza On Cannavaro unless he is mistaking brothers again and talking about Paolo who plays for Napoli then i think this is an error as Fabio is indeed still plying his trade in Spain for Madrid and is looking for a drop from 96.
  12. Re: A quick look at the bigger sides of Brazil I cant see anything on Pereira WELLINGTON PAULISTA can i get an update on him as ive got a lot of conficting information SM has his age wrong as he's 24 not 25 ESPN, WIKI and Botafogos website stat he was born on the 22/04/1984. so for starters he will rise there.... secondly my Portuguese is terrible and cant find a reliable source for stats i think ESPN is wrong they say hes scored 11gls. someone please help
  13. Hi i havent seen a thead for this guy yet so i thought id make one this is my first time. Martín Gerardo Morel (born November 5, 1980 in Rosario) is an Argentine football midfielder currently playing for Club Atlético Tigre. Morel was a late developer, not playing professionally until the age of 25. Morel was discovered playing for Sportivo Las Parejas and joined Tigre in 2006. In his first season with Tigre Morel helped the club to gain promotion to the Argentine Primera. The Apertura 2007 was Tigre's first season in the Primera since 1980, and Morel's first taste of top flight football. M
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    Re: Jose Maria Guti i can name a saudi arabian whos got over 100 caps doesnt make him great. Lampard is not a regular as Gerrard is prefered with Barry i believe club football is a better judge of talent then International hey its all open to opinion de la red had a marvelous season and was picked for the euros i guess hes better then Guti. in my opinion id say Guti is better then Xabi Alonso and senna but there more defensive id also say Guti can hold his own against the others. by the way of the spanish midfield players you mentioned how many have won medals or have played well this sea
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