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  1. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) Bayern's empty with no manager again... Hate all these leavers, spoiling the whole league. Just like how ROMA in FDL and now Bayern in ANP. zzz These managers sucked.
  2. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) oh yea really? After just a match or 2, and u quit ? What kinda manager are u? Fickle minded piece of ****.
  3. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) Manchester City has lost to Zenit, in their new campaign for SMFA Cup. Not a good sign definitely, when the 2nd choice keeper is playing, and let in 3 goals on his rare chance. Darren Bent remains barren, and Veterans cant keep up with the new tactical change in the team. Looks like Manchester City is in for another season of trouble.
  4. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) Manchester City celebrates 3-1 victory over Valencia. The game sparked off in merely 2 mins, when Adebayor emerge high and up to head in the goal from a corner kick. Subsequent goals from Willian and Van Bommel simply speaks of the class that is obviously lacking in Valencia's squad. Despite the likes of Iniesta, Essien and Balotelli, its no easy feat to get pass the mighty John Terry and Maicon of Manchester City's defence. Balotelli and Iniesta formed a formidable attack force, alots of close chances and close misses. Manchester City had both luck and strength shown tonight. Finally in the 65th minute, Iniesta pulled one back, but the deficit is too wide to catch up. "Great performance by the lads today, we will brush off the humiliation of last season, and get ready to fight once again. The only issue I have is with Ryan Giggs, who is out for 6 weeks since the encounter with Inter Milan, and he is not doing so well at the moment." says Kevin Kevin, after the match. Adebayor celebrating his first goal of the night in merely 120 seconds into the game.
  5. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) gotta give credit to ur players ! Incredibly strong team indeed. Im convinced this season is gonna be a total bloodshed.
  6. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) All it took was a goal... sounds familiar?
  7. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) giving the title to u...
  8. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) smlj?!!! Lol i always bo chup one lorrr u smear my reputation. report to SM for inappropriate behaviour LOL
  9. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) hahaha fantastic job done by evoked..
  10. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) hahaah i really din expect adebayor to be my team's top scorer.. i tot it would be villa lololol
  11. Re: FANTASY Draft League Great play by bayern and all teams in div 1...win was by chance and luck. Congrats to all winners and promoters
  12. Re: FANTASY Draft League Although im in division 1, i cant help but to feel the threats from Juventus!!! They are on amazing form with fantastic runs!
  13. Re: FANTASY Draft League Bayern is indeed strong!!! Beyond our reaches.
  14. Re: FANTASY Draft League big match again tonight... against chelsea... A draw will be lucky for me.
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