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  1. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes...

    Why would you want to be my arch enemy? :D

    But it's true' date=' you are a very good manager.[/quote']

    Because you are a great manager yourself so it sounds like the right thing to do :P

    Wasn't intentionally pointing you out mate' date=' just the most memorable incident of late with players rising :D[/quote']

    No you always pick on me you just can't stand to see me happy

  2. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes...

    Well i don't think that's gonna work somehow lol

    I think some new rules need to be introduced regarding players rising!!

    Errors in the SM database shouldn't be rewarded

    That includes' date=' unfortunately for Hossam Oscar Fernandez... i checked his stats out and he hasn't moved club in the time his rating changed from high to low to so high again... i would give just the +1 though...

    Obviously this is just my opinion and is otherwise inconsequential :D[/quote']

    I sold him and thought it would make me lose the rising pts but anyway I am willing to not take the rise pts as all I was looking for was the money profit

  3. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes...

    Sorry mate' date=' I updated the thread.

    Your odds are 5/1.[/font']

    Can you explain this odds thing I see it in football sites all the time just don't know how it works :o

    Throw the dog a bone.

    And no I won't deal with it.

    I have a dream that one day I will get all the expressions ' date=' If you tell me what it means I won't force you to deal with it

    Well done, Chris!

    And Allan, I think Ayr's odds aren't quite right.

    Hossam is a very good manager.

    Unfortunately, I play him in the 1st turn and who knows how fit my players will be? :o

    How am I suppose to make you my arch enemy you when you talk about me like this :( Well you were the best in Div 1 last season so I am the one that should be worrying about our match

  4. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes...

    haha so you bought him on the 2nd of April when he was 76' date=' and then he falled 14, then rised 15 in a few months? :eek:[/quote']

    We believed in him and now we are making a movie about it "The Rise and Fall of Oscar Hernandez" coming soon to theaters

    Walsall is completing their summer shopping list with turkish future star Recep Niyaz.

    The midfielder from Fenerbahce was on Sylv's list for a while and the club hopes to make a good business once he signs for the Saddlers.

    Everyone in Turkey hopes that Niyaz will be Turkey next number 10 and will lead the turkish national team to good results and' date=' why not, a trophy.



    Should I get him in other game worlds ? Also no. 10 is for Hakan :rolleyes:

  5. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes...

    Dont need to be like you :(..... i'll be better than you :P

    I'm gonna win Division 1 :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    Most of time I have a bad season after winning the league so if in my bad season I finished second how do you think we will do next season ? :rolleyes:


    We live in a corrupted world

  6. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes...

    Armageddon season two manager of the year is.........

    Chris Shareflair of Brentford!!!!!!

    Votes recieved were = Chris Shareflair x5' date=' Ronaldo Messi x2 and AJB x1.

    Armageddon season two player of the year is.........

    Sam Gallagher of Ayr!!!!!

    Votes recieved were = Sam Gallagher x7 & Yusuf Erdogan x1.

    Why is Gallagher written in a small font is it because he comes from Ayr ? :mad:

    Kudos Chris' date=' absolutely deserved.

    I mean, you won the league + the cup, like Hossam did in season 1. ;)

    EDIT: you look good in that pic (the one in Clive's post). :P[/quote']

    Pfffft he can only dream to be like me B)

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    1.Quintero-Ocampos-Calhanoglu-Hoffmann-Correa-Batshuayi- Pick 2

    2. Goretzka-Fisher-Vilhena-Andre Gomes-Mateus Kelvin- Pick 2

    3. Emre Can-Niguez Saul-Chambers-Benjamin Mendy -Pick 2

    Can someone help me Pick some of these players' date=' who has the best potential?

    Thank you.[/quote']

    Quintero - Correa

    Goretzka - Fischer\Vilhena

    Can - Chambers

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Ezequiel Ponce or Nahuel Leiva or Abner

    I've been offered courtois for my valdes+lahm or valdes+carvajal' date=' is one of those a good deal? If yes, which is the best?

    I have a huge squad with highly rated players.

    Thanks in advance[/quote']

    Give Valdes + Carvajal

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