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  1. Re: Emiliano INSUA thanks for the help i think he will stay on my shortlist until he becomes better oh also do you know why did he leave liverpool ?
  2. In my Gameworld Emiliano INSUA is a available so should I buy him or not , I don't know a lot about him but he seems to be a great player but since 2010 he didn't rise , can anyone help ?
  3. Re: Graphics Request Thread can someone make a signature with Ribas Diego & Forlan & Vucinic in Boca Juniors kit saying "we still got it" and under it " in Shawty we trust" thank you for your time i would really appreciate it
  4. I was offered LICHTSTEINER for my Ribas DIEGO is that a good deal ? I already got Castro so I could make LICHTSTEINER play as RM but DIEGO is having an amazing season he scored 18 goals and assisted 10 in 21 appearances !! and i didn't watch the Seria A last season so i don't know how good is LICHTSTEINER
  5. Re: Gervinho for Remy ? the offer has been rejected , Gervinho plays like a 93/94 for the team
  6. Re: Gervinho for Remy ? thank you for the help and I hope that he will keep his place at Arsenal with the new coming stars
  7. I was offered Remy for my Gervinho should I do the deal or not ? Gervinho played 17 matches scored 7 and assisted 17 , which one has the better chance to rise
  8. Re: Lewandowski or Bender thanks for the help I have made an offer and it has been accepted
  9. In my game world sven Bender and Lewandowski are available but their team now got 22 players so I can only buy one of them , so which one should I sign ?
  10. Re: Respuesta: Re: help with 107 youth player
  11. Re: Higuain or Aguero? keep Aguero I am a Man Utd fan and telling you that sergio Aguero is one amazing player and one of the main reason that the city won the league while Higuain most of the times is sub for Benzema i think he deserve a chance but don't think he will get it
  12. Re: help with 107 youth player thank you very much guys for the help I really trust you and your opinions also can anyone tell me young 89-90 rated that will rise in the future
  13. so i just managed Roma and got huge number of youth players and need help with who to keep or sell and i also need a help with who to buy i need a 90 rated players with good ages for the first team so if you got the time to take a look at the youth players it would help me a lot NOTE : i don't need money so i can keep all the players but i want the talented and gifted players to keep here are the names : BOJAN, Krkic DANILO, Luiz ROMULO, Borges KOVACIC, Mateo NASTASIC, Matija KALAS, Tomás PERÌN, Mattia DEULOFEU, Gerard RAFINHA, Alcántara MIYAICHI, Ryo KAKUTA, Gaël LEANDRO, Mour
  14. Re: what formation should i use ???? try 3-5-2 it would work good with your team and you could try to use play maker & target man and play down both flanks
  15. Re: Give me your opinions Diego milito will drop for sure even if he plays well (SM looks at the age not the performance , ex. Drogba) Falcao is way better than Torres in the last two seasons Lewandoweski or Reus : i prefer Reus but the two are amazing yet reus is younger Huntelaar stay or +1 Matri stay Forlan drop Osvaldo +1 or stay Heitinga stay Aquilani drop Totti + my Mickaël CIANI for Gonazalo Castro = someone report this deal shoftny w ana basee3
  16. last season i finished 3rd with W D L 11 6 5 the team didn't play as well as i thought and the games i won was either 2-1 or 1-0 so if anyone could help me with tactics or buying new players i would appreciate it First team : ROONEY, Wayne FABREGAS, Cesc ALVES, Dani AGÜERO, Sergio SILVA, David BUSQUETS, Sergio LAHM, Philipp PEDRO, Rodríguez DI MARIA, Ángel PEPE, Ferreira MARCELO, Vieira VALDES, Victor PATO, Alexandre BALE, Gareth KHEDIRA, Sami VAN BOMMEL, Mark DE JONG, Nigel HUMMELS, Mats KEITA, Seydou BADSTUBER, Holger HERNANDEZ, Javier KAGAWA, Shinji DOMINGUEZ,
  17. Re: new project:charlton Youngsters I got these players in my team after some researches RODRIGUEZ, Ricardo 85 19 GUIDETTI, John 85 20 VOLLAND, Kevin 84 19 KAPINO, Stefanos 82 18 BATSHUAYI, Michy 82 18 FRYERS, Ezekiel 77 19 KEANE, Will 75 19 I think the value of all is 20m
  18. Re: should I sell HOARAU & OSVALDO I have better players and now I want the money so i could buy one of those players : MURIEL, Luis TORJE, Gabriel HEURTAUX, Thomas VOSSEN, Jelle thanks a lot for the help
  19. Re: should I sell HOARAU & OSVALDO I don't take Advice form 3'laba
  20. is there any chance for HOARAU or OSVALDO to increase in the rating or that's the end of the road for them , I also got forlan and someone offered 15m for him i know that he wasn't that good with inter but last season with me he scored 24 goals in 24 match and assisted 11 and was man of the match 13 times and his average performance 9.04
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