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  1. Re: First post in a looooong time...... Believe me, I've written to SM on more than once. I'm on here to voice some frustration and to have a good old fashioned rant, because, well......no one else will listen. Posting the same message over & over proves what a waste of time it is to try and report cheating. And lets me blow off some steam
  2. Re: First post in a looooong time...... This one really irked me: I then had to raise more to deal with it further because the ticket kept getting closed. Some more on this subject: Come the next point I'm banging my head against a brick wall: And to conclude: You know, any other business would bend over backwards to keep a customer. What happened to "The customer is always right"......even when they are wrong! These posts were just a choice few of some over the last....3 years I think. Going back to around the first quarter of 2009 and beyond I have loads of answers from SM where they've been very helpful and caught a multitude of cheating.....cheating which was exactly the same as the ones detailed here. If any Admin are reading this thread I would respectfully request that you do NOT close it. This is open debate and I'm interested in other people's opinions and experiences here.
  3. Re: First post in a looooong time...... Said Inter manager quit after emptying his team of big name players to the one club......who of course stayed on with half of Inter's best players.
  4. Re: First post in a looooong time...... This was based on Henry (from memory) not long before he dropped in value. I had to open another ticket and quote the previously closed one because SM's Customer Service is so poor you're not allowed, as a paying customer, to voice your complaint/point of view more than once:
  5. Re: First post in a looooong time...... And another: Said Inter boss quit soon after.
  6. Re: First post in a looooong time...... Thanks Knox. I'm going to start posting unhelpful, useless replies & poor customer service from SM. Here's todays automated garbage:
  7. Hi all I don't think I've posted for well over a year, but I'm getting fed up with how easily dismissed we, as paying customers are (some of us), when we report a problem/cheating etc. Most of the answers I see now from the SM staff are more like an automatic response. Take this for example......a ticket I raised a few days ago: And the reply: That makes no sense to me at all as an answer, but it is a standard answer of SM's these days. The worst part? SM close the ticket......why? It's not resolved even slightly. I've lost count of the number of problems I've raised with awful customer service in return. I've wrote and complained and stated I won't be renewing my Gold membership this year, but the answer to that felt like "so?" Barely an apology or an offer to make things right.
  8. Anno

    2 Gold Accounts?

    Re: 2 Gold Accounts?
  9. Anno

    2 Gold Accounts?

    Re: 2 Gold Accounts? So, basically, as long as none of my accounts own teams in the same game(s) it's allowed?
  10. Hi folks. I've sometimes seen some members that have 2 gold accounts. Obviously with different profile names and I guess, different e-mail addresses or they couldn't register as a new user. Is this ok? I mean to have 2 profiles, each logged with a different e-mail address and each a gold member, paying their money from the same account?
  11. Anno


    Re: Thanks... Don't get me started........
  12. Re: Small, But Perfectly Formed Wigan now gone Mallorca gone & Zenit.....
  13. Re: Gold Championship 2 Aye, it's my birthday next April. I could be doing with a hand too Bari lost their first game under me last night 1-0 at home to Triestina in a game that they should have won comfortably according to the stats. Who cares eh?
  14. Re: Gold Championship 2 Since being taken over Bari have won 3 in 3 so far. However, even though we're scoured the lower depths of the leagues, unmanaged teams, external sides and some managed sides, the squad is nothing like how I would like it to be. Most frustrating is being constantly outbid for players at unmanaged clubs for values over 3x value.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 2 Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that thread Havoc. Loans aren't a problem. In fact, it's a problem deciding WHO to loan!
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