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    Football, Rugby, Cricket
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    Fernando Torres and Ilker Casillas
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    GC 6 Spanish 2nd Div Champions, GC 7 French 2nd Div Champions, GC 3 French Cup Winners
  1. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room..
  2. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room..
  3. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room..
  4. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room..
  5. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room..
  6. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. Posted Edited, How Do You Exspect Not To be Banned With What You Just Said? Now then lads.It has been a long time since I came onto the forums or even the chat on soccermanager. Too many gold championships going on and being created ruined the whole point of being a gold member in the first place, site performance was slow and on the chat there are crappy chat room adverts. Sorry but have I missed something? There are people banging on about rules and censorhip in the chat and yet Soccermanager endorses and advertises chat rooms which in a sens
  7. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational Dave Knape takes over at Cliftonville and looked a little confused as he didn't think that Cliftonville has this many fans when he turned up to the press conference this afternoon. The new manager had this to say "It is a tough job and not one I will shy away from. Be under no illusions, we are in a very tough league and avoiding relegation is my main priority. There will be new players arriving at the club over the next few days to strengthen the squad." Cliftonville supporters were surprised that a manager of Knape's calibre decided to accept a contract
  8. Re: Battle of the tribes setup New Clyde manager David Knape brings in Scotland internationals to strengthen his side. Allan McGregor, Alan Hutton, Darren Fletcher, Shaun Maloney and Kenny Millar all join the side in time for the new season. Knape hopes the team can bounce back from the relegation they suffered under the hands of the previous manager and win the league.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread u get ur transfers blocked because they are unrealistic
  10. Re: SM Classics i meant no offence buddy not everyone has class ideas that are easily implemented at least ur stickin ur nose out and putting ideas forward
  11. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread urgh, I got Parma, another club that was a big club to some extent, and now just piddles away at the bottom half of the Serie A decent midfield, but meh, the team is lacking up front frustrated at some rediculous transfer prices for players oh well, guess people need the money more than i do anyone got ne good players for loan or sale give me a shout, top half finish is what ill settle for
  12. Re: SM Classics thats a nice idea daryl, like, in yer man utd team u wud have schmeichel and cantona and beckham, i like the idea but, i think it would be increadibly difficult to setup in terms of getting the right statistics, how would player ratings change? i dont think SM would be able to implement it though nice idea, but dont think it would work so well
  13. Re: If ya can't beat em, might as well join them. I havent talked to u at all, but so many people hold u in high regard and i wish u all the best
  14. Re: International Management I reckon bringing international management would be good for SM obviously there are some things to iron out, which a few of u guys have mentioned i noticed someone mentioning something about making it a level playing field, meh, i dont agree so much depending on full team, under 21, under 19's, if they are introduced, the smaller clubs would loose their young potential to international duty, and those with small budgets wont have the strength and depth to create a more level playing field, maybe sponsors could be brought into the game, or some sort of financia
  15. Re: Stand above the rest mmmmmmmmmm see wot u mean pal havent read through many forums so i apolagise if some of my suggestions have already been said i think the introduction of building stadia could help bridge the gap between big and small clubs, if it is fully introduced at a later date wot u reckon?
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