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  1. Re: Falcao for Robinho? Falcao every day of the week, do it!
  2. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! As an Arsenal fan, may i ask what warrants Koscielny to get a rise? He rose last season 89>90 after having such a great season, but with Mertesacker playing well this season, and Wenger opting to pair him with Vermaelen, i don't think he'll get 91 these changes. However, he may get it in the next when he get's more game time and continues his form from last season.
  3. Re: David Silva I'd decline that, in a flash. Keep Silva!
  4. Re: Eden Hazard, coming to the Premiership? Exactly! Hazard, in my opinion will go to Spurs.
  5. Re: Who should i sel? Anyone please?
  6. Re: Cavani or m,vila Most likely, Cavani will go to Chelsea or City, and M'Villa to Arsenal. Cavini IMO will peak 93/94... M'Villa can peak at 94/95 with the game time he WOULD get IF he did move to Arsenal. But i'd say M'villa will rise quicker.
  7. Hey guys, i'm just wondering who should i sell from my youth team? right now, i need some extra cash, to fund another deal, so i'd like some ideas, i've got a few in mind to sell Which are Konstantin Rausch, and Ivan Cosic, don't know much about them, so those are the ones i'd like to sell.. I like to use pictures instead of writing out every single name of youth squad, so sorry for inconvinece? I believe it's simpler.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Let me know which ones, aren't going to be 'that big' or dont have alot of talent, etc. PS: I had Paulo Henrique Ganso, but he turned 22 not l
  8. Re: Dimitar berbatov Yes, he may have joinly won the golden boot with Tevez, but the ratings also are based on form, playing time, etc. Berbatov, has not been playing much first team football for united, and has been used for Carling Cup games, therefore he shouldn't keep his 93...
  9. Hey SM community, i've only just got my forum account functioning with posting. (Couldn't when i first signed up, for some reason, had to activate my account when i already did?) Now that it's working, i'll be hanging around here alot, and just discussing with the general community. My name is Ammanuel, i've nearly been playing SM for almost a year, and absolutely enjoy it, and i hope to see you guys around
  10. Re: van persie True, i would be confused, but with Van Persie's current scoring record, and form, i'd say he deserves a 94.
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