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  1. Re: Need to know whos worth signing for my arsenal Kranjcar has been injured. Only came back couple weeks ago i think so should have plenty of time between now and next english rating change to get enough games to keep his 91.
  2. Re: Need a DM rated 89+ who is likely to rise What about Baris Ozbek of Galatsaray. Seems to have a pit of potential.
  3. Currently have Veloso but have chance to swap him for Montolivo. Anyone any thoughts on this? Wise move or not?
  4. Had a bid turned down from an unmanaged club for a player i had bid for even tho it was more than the chairmans value. Had read this was one thing likely to be implemented into the game but didnt expect it so soon. Is this a one off or is it now goin to be harder to purchase from unmanaged sides?
  5. Re: renato augusto Any idea how this lad is doin? Is he likely to hit the 90s in near future?
  6. Looking for someone around 89/90 that could rise to 92/93 within next year. Any thoughts on Thiago Neves or Ederson Honorato. Any other players spring to mind?
  7. Re: Paolo De Ceglie Is this lad likely to get much 1st team football at Juventus next season?
  8. Re: UJFALUSI, Tomas Seems to have been changed from a CB/RB to RB/CB. I thought his main position was in the centre of defence. Anyone throw any light on this?
  9. Re: 44 Brazilian Bargains!!! BUY NOW Just risen to 75. Not as much as some seemed to think.
  10. Already got Radu. Lookin for someone rated 86-87 and valued around 6-8m. Two players spring to mind in Fazio and Santacroce. Who would be the better buy from these two or anyone else i should be lookin at?
  11. Re: Barry Robson U bein serious. The league is won over 38 games. Celtic proved over 38 games they were the better team. Rangers won one game away from home all season against the final top six teams. Just not good enough.
  12. Re: Barry Robson Do i detect a hurtin ?
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