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  1. Re: 2 improvments to shortlists Nice ideas mate.. would make the shortlist system much better Nice to see you letting SM know about it
  2. Re: hi hope i enjoy Welcome mate... everyone here are very nice and friendly... Im sure you'll enjoy Just watch out for the spammers
  3. Re: Maybe.. Well, I kind of agree and disagree with it. You are right, it is the player who scored the goal but it also matters about the team he scores for. He might have played better in one team than the other but still the *Buying* club takes all the credit etc. And it also wouldn't be the smartest move to make in the transfer market. Imagine selling your star striker?! It wouldn't be fair on the other managers as they also want their players to be top scorer but it won't be possible as the players' goal tally continues regardless of what club he has recently moved to. But then agai
  4. Re: Payers whose ratings should go DOWN! Yes DOWN. I think Terry would be perfect at 96, would put him in the same league as Cannavaro and Puyol. He is ONE of the best defenders in the world, not the best:) Also agree with Ballack, he was bought to add strength to the squad but it looks like he is feeling homesick:p In my opinion, I think Sheva should also go down. Chelsea isn't the right place for him. Kalou is playing better than him and still Kalou is rated below him
  5. Re: kanoute SHEVCHENKO I wouldn't really accept (If it helps) As mentioned, Sheva is not playing too well at the moment and could face a decrease anytime. Kanoute however, has secured his 93-94 rating and has proved that he is a true goal scorer over the past 2 season or so. £20,000,000 is good but I don't think you can really find a good replacement for a player like Frederic, especially with the new transfer rule system.
  6. Re: Hey Guys Thanks guys, you have been magnificent:) And thanks concerning my Newcastle. I face Schalke who are unmanaged and I managed to buy Kuranyi And Ernst:D Thanks again
  7. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Spurs 2-2 Liverpool Spurs obviously deserved the win, they're getting back into shape. I don't really think Martin Jol will be sacked, he has achieved more than any other Spurs manager. You can't get rid of him as you know what he's capable of. Although we have Bale on the left now, I still think we need someone else there. Bale is a tremendous player but what will happen when he is being rested etc? Back to the match;) Nice goals for Robbie Keane, I thought they had won it but then Mr Torres had to ruin everything. We are 1 spot away from re
  8. I've just taken over a club. I loaned a player from a bigger club, after about a few minutes he got called back Can't SM make a rule that:- Once a player gets loaned out, he stays at that club for X amount of times, and either manager is NOT allowed to recall or send the player back to their parent club. Although I may be new and it happened to me the first time, It is rather annoying and I'm sure that other forumers have had the same problem. I sincerely apologize if there has already been a thread on this. Any ideas guys? Also if there is a thread on this, can someone please send me t
  9. Re: WC 991 I think this a bug or something mate, I've heard that it's been like that for very long now. By they way, although I am new, I have already seen a thread on this. As the more experienced forumers would say "Use the search next time"
  10. Re: going to get a bit more active Hey Leeth, I can see you're an old member as you joined in April. I have to say that the new improvements are fantastic, although this isn't the thread to talk about it:o Hope to read some of your posts soon mate:)
  11. Re: Guaranteed Risers/Money Spinners Thanks for the info guys, I just joined so thanks for giving me information on these players.
  12. Hi guys, My name is Steven Anderson and I'm 15 years old. I just discovered Soccermanager and thought I'd be part of the forum. I've read the FAQ so won't be needing any help:) All that's left now is to make some new friends:) I am currently managing Newcastle in WC989 and the new season begins on Saturday. Thanks for reading guys:)
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