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    Steven_Anderson got a reaction from bigz786 in Hey Guys   
    Re: Hey Guys
    Thanks guys, you have been magnificent:)
    And thanks concerning my Newcastle. I face Schalke who are unmanaged and I managed to buy Kuranyi And Ernst:D
    Thanks again
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    Steven_Anderson got a reaction from craigjohnson in Hey Guys   
    Hi guys, My name is Steven Anderson and I'm 15 years old. I just discovered Soccermanager and thought I'd be part of the forum.
    I've read the FAQ so won't be needing any help:) All that's left now is to make some new friends:)
    I am currently managing Newcastle in WC989 and the new season begins on Saturday.
    Thanks for reading guys:)
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    Steven_Anderson got a reaction from Sparky in Called Back From Loan   
    I've just taken over a club. I loaned a player from a bigger club, after about a few minutes he got called back
    Can't SM make a rule that:-
    Once a player gets loaned out, he stays at that club for X amount of times, and either manager is NOT allowed to recall or send the player back to their parent club.
    Although I may be new and it happened to me the first time, It is rather annoying and I'm sure that other forumers have had the same problem.
    I sincerely apologize if there has already been a thread on this.
    Any ideas guys? Also if there is a thread on this, can someone please send me the link
    Thanks for reading guys
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