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  1. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread You were on the end of bad refereeing yesterday. Helguson couldn't wait to fall over for penalty, although there was contact his only intention was to get a penalty so he's trying to con the referee. For a man of his size to collapse, under such little contact is pretty embarrasing. The Bosingwa red card looked like a 50/50 tussle for the ball, ref should have just let them get on with it. Drobgas ludge was ludricrous. You played really well second half, despite having 9 men and were unlucky not to get at least a point. Look forward to cup tie in the week!
  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread They may not have many songs to sing apart from the generic "We're by far the greatest team..", "Are you Tottenham in disguise" etc Lee Trundle was one of those players that was the figurehead of the side, if Swansea were playing well usually Trundle was aswell. He's similar Darren Huckerby for Norwich or Duncan Ferguson for Everton. The sort of players you can relate to because they seem like honest professionals. Its good to have a team from Wales in the Premier League, they bring something there hasn't been before. Teams that come up which are from London
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