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  1. Re: Barcelona starlet: Rafa Alcantara (Rafinha) Now now. This all getting a bit out of hand. It seems to Henke71 strongly disliked Frozentree and MeowMeow =)'s scout report on Rafinha, so he wanted to make a better one. Thankyou Henke71 for improving my knowledge on Rafinha Alcantara
  2. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Checked my reports page, saw Luke Garbutts rating increased by 75! He's gone from 75 to 75, i still don't understand maths?
  3. Re: Phil jones, chris smalling, martin kelly, danny welbeck what a joker you are meowmeow Its no secret Jones is good player, this season we're seeing more of what he offers in an attacking sense. At Blackburn he was predominately used in defence and no disrespect to blackburn but they spend more time defending than united. This season playing with better players and having more freedom to attack, has shown theres more to his game than saving the day tackles and intercepting passes. He's got pace to carry the ball up the pitch and is learning the awareness to run into space. He had 2 chances
  4. Re: Superstars Inigo Martinez, played every game for Real Sociedad this season and scored twice, rumours are Real Madrid are after him. Also scored for georgia u21 with a cheeky backflick;)
  5. Re: your best u21 team Forster K.Walker---P.Jones---S.Coates---Wylde R.Lucas---Wilshere---Thiago---Forrest J.Rodriguez (Porto not Burnley) D.Sturridge Got Oscar, Barkley, I.Martinez, Deulefeu, Isco to come through. But looking at some of the teams below this lot aren't that good.
  6. Re: Official Everton FC Thread We were very unlucky to get nothing from the united game, we dominated the whole second half, united had settled for what they'd got and were happy to time waste and dive to slow the game down as much as possible. We passed it side ways a lot and penned them in, but we never looked like getting in behind there defence. I thought heitinga had a decent game, looked solid at the back he plays the ball out of defence. Can't fault Distin for his defence work this season but his distribution is poor whereas heitinga is more comfortable in possesion. Rodwell and Fell
  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread You were on the end of bad refereeing yesterday. Helguson couldn't wait to fall over for penalty, although there was contact his only intention was to get a penalty so he's trying to con the referee. For a man of his size to collapse, under such little contact is pretty embarrasing. The Bosingwa red card looked like a 50/50 tussle for the ball, ref should have just let them get on with it. Drobgas ludge was ludricrous. You played really well second half, despite having 9 men and were unlucky not to get at least a point. Look forward to cup tie in the week!
  8. Re: Official Everton FC Thread I thought it was a half hearted performance today. I think we should start with Neville in games against the better teams as we need our most experienced players on the pitch. We lacked passion and agression. We should have gone out there and really got at chelsea today but we didn't, we allowed them time on the ball, especially mata who was the only one who was able to break us down. Wasn't impressed with chelsea, if we'd been up for the game we could have beaten them. Every evertonian knows our club is run on a tight budget and most of those players are goin
  9. Re: Best Under 19's to buy (rated 75-79) Jenkinson Carl, Morrison Ravel, Deulofeu Gerard, Niang M'baye, Coulibaly Souleymane. Just found these guys, there gonna be mint!
  10. Re: Best Under 19's to buy (rated 75-79) Lucas Ocampos of River Plate. Only 17, rated 75 and scored 3 in 9 appearances for River Plate. Rumours are River rejected an 18m Euro offer from AC Milan, the boys a bit special.
  11. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Looks like we're stuck with Kenwright for the forseable future. The sticking point is the stadium. We can't afford a stadium with Kenwright in charge and we will only get an investor if we have a new stadium. The only way i see everton attracting an investor is if we pull off something magnificent on the pitch such as getting into the champiuons league. Realistically that isn't going to happen because success if so orinetated around money now. For me I don't see the point in protesting against Kenwright, he's openly said that he's looking for new ownership, he
  12. Re: Official Everton FC Thread The trouble with living down here is its over 300 miles from goodison and its full of plastic liverpool fans. But I'm going up to the united game at the end of this month, it'll will be good to be in the company of thousands of evertonians again. After seeing the highlights i feel even more agrieved. We get 2 chances per season at beating them and we had this game stolen from us. Suarez played his part in getting him sent off aswell, just overall we got cheated yesterday. Liverpool did look pretty ordinary. They've bought average players for crazy fees and d
  13. Re: Barcelona's football academy The point of la masia is not just to create good football players but also good people. Also not every person that joins la masia will go on to become a professional footballer, which is why players there have to spend a lot of time on school studies. They are preparing players for (in there eyes) the worst case scenario, you get an injury or your not good enough, so you have to choose a different career. I think i'm right in saying the students at la masia have a strict timetable of schoolwork, which also teachs them a disipline they can apply in day to day
  14. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Only listened to it on the radio but it was sounding like an even contest until rodwell got sent off. Then there was only one team who had a realistic chance of winning. I think if we'd had 11, rodwell would have continued marking adam and resticted liverpools control of the midfield. Losing rodwell, gave adam more time ont he ball to pass it around. It sounded like liverpool were sloppy, just putting hopeful crosses into the box. I hoped Howards penalty save might give hope to he rest of the players but it never really happened. The ref ruined what was going to
  15. Re: Official FC Barcelona Thread Havent had a chance to watch Barcelona this season beacsue sky have shifted there matches to any channel other than sky sports 1. To any Barceloan fans, why is mascherano playing? Is it simply because Puyol and Pique aren't match fit? Or is he genuinely a better player? When Pepe first signing him, i saw the logic. He wanted a physical DM who could protect the back four whilst the full backs and the other midfields attacked. Watching him last season, i didn't think his vision to pick a pass was equal to Busquets and neither does he other great pace which Puyol
  16. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Good to see Jose score for Tranmere. Surprised he hasn't made it into the first team yet. Watched him score in a friendly against Coventry last season, this was in a side made up of mainly first team players and he didn't look out of place at all. Linked up well with the rest of the midfield, always looking to run into the box. The few times I've watched him, his weakness has been tracking back and helping out the defence.
  17. Re: Ashley Cole or Wayne Bridge Leighton Baines
  18. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread They may not have many songs to sing apart from the generic "We're by far the greatest team..", "Are you Tottenham in disguise" etc Lee Trundle was one of those players that was the figurehead of the side, if Swansea were playing well usually Trundle was aswell. He's similar Darren Huckerby for Norwich or Duncan Ferguson for Everton. The sort of players you can relate to because they seem like honest professionals. Its good to have a team from Wales in the Premier League, they bring something there hasn't been before. Teams that come up which are from London
  19. Re: 60-80 rated risers Elliot Bennett, 21. He signed for Norwich, from Brighton, after the latest Premier League ratings change so his ratings haven't been changed since he played for Brighton in League 1. His current rating is 75 but now he plays regularly for Norwich, his rating should rise quite substantially.
  20. Re: Ugliest Players Liverpool have a fine selection of ugly players Flanagan, Spearing, Kuyt, Carrol, Skertel, Agger
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