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    Re: Best Under 19's to buy (rated 75-79)
    Lucas Ocampos of River Plate. Only 17, rated 75 and scored 3 in 9 appearances for River Plate. Rumours are River rejected an 18m Euro offer from AC Milan, the boys a bit special.
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    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
    They may not have many songs to sing apart from the generic "We're by far the greatest team..", "Are you Tottenham in disguise" etc
    Lee Trundle was one of those players that was the figurehead of the side, if Swansea were playing well usually Trundle was aswell. He's similar Darren Huckerby for Norwich or Duncan Ferguson for Everton. The sort of players you can relate to because they seem like honest professionals.
    Its good to have a team from Wales in the Premier League, they bring something there hasn't been before. Teams that come up which are from London or the North West struggle to sell out the stadiums due to the competition from established clubs. Swansea have got there own market and there own style of football, if you stay up you have the potential to become a big club. Its good for the Welsh national team aswell. I don't think the players Wales have reflects there fifa ranking. Having Swansea in the Premiership can only benefit them.
    (this has nothing to do with chelsea)
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    Re: Official Everton FC Thread
    Beckford reminded me of a proper centre forward, he likes to play through the middle and get runs in behind, he'll work hard in chasing down the goalkeeper and defenders but he doesn't go out wide very often to find the ball. His pace means he's able to beat defenders to long balls and hold it up. He was always our furthest man forward last season, so if you can get low, fast crosses, along the 6 yard area he should be there to finish them off. Add the odd touch of brilliance which he showed against Bolton and Chelsea last season, he could do a great job in championship. He's got a lot of competition for places though, he may not walk straight into the side.
    Selling him for 3m when we got him on a free last season is good business; we need this new guy to do a good job because we can't rely on saha to stay fit.
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