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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Sanatana of Dortmund to rise +1 to 88 maybe? Played in 8 matches and 1 goal. Also appearances in the CL.
  2. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12 Yes most definitely worth keeping Campbell, he has only been signed by arsenal recently and he will get his chance at arsenal, apparently a very promising youngster, currently on a good loan to a top division french team.
  3. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Any chance of Mario Mandzukic(88) rising 1?
  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Hey guys, What do people think of Papiss Cisse(89) of Freiburg?? Ok he plays for a very poor team but surely this guy deserves a 90?? Runner up top scorer in the league last season. 12apps 8gls 3assists this season...7 goals in 12 for his country. Any chance he will rise next time round at all?
  5. Re: gaitan o ramsey? No thats because Cahill has much more experience for his country and been to world cups which has built him up to the 91 he has along with the great club performance for a team wich finished 7th last season, just below liverpool teo place below spurs;) So final synopsis. playing for a country who gets to world cups helps
  6. Re: gaitan o ramsey? He has to play for a good team:p
  7. Re: Kjaer deal. Cheers for all the helpful replies, i withdrew my offer for him then someone bought him for 23mill or something like that, better defenders out there for that money
  8. Re: Kjaer deal. Anyone have any opinions on this guy?
  9. Can get kjaer for bout 12mill, not doing well for roma apparently, will he drop -1 or should i buy him?
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Skimmed through the previous 5 pages and haven't seen him mentioned but does anyone else think Mario Mandzukic should rise +1 ??
  11. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Will Stekelenburg (roma gk) drop 1 to 89?
  12. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)
  13. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Will rodrigo palacio rise +1 to 91 given his start to the season? i have my doubts given his age and genoa's league position.
  14. Re: Mild Youth Overload Definetly, he scored his first goal there tonight for barca first team. I lol'd at the guy who said Ravel needs to be sold, huge talent for united he just needs to keep his head.
  15. Re: Oriol Romeu Whoops apologies, disregard my vote I read the poll wrong, thought it was what can he reach in his career:o I think he will rise +1 this time.
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