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    Re: NBA vince carter in face of alonzo morning ? its not good dunk ? over nocioni ? josh smith 50% of his dunks are same, 1 hand 1 feet, didnt u mention that ?? he dosnt have style of dunking, he just jumps high, like lebron, but both of them never will be called best dunker that have played in NBA. forget it. and about me talking for the past, dunk contest was in 2000, example i canot talk for dunk contest in 2007,2006 or enything else, cuz vc didnt participate, he just joined 1 time, and 3 of his dunks are in top 5 BEST DUNKS in NBA SLAM DUNK CONTEST, the dunk over frederic weiss (7
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    Re: NBA Kobe's interview for vc: link : Top 10 dunks in NBA SLAM DUNK CONTEST : by NBA TV : Link : Top 50 dunks in game : i think the people who did the rankigns are more professional than u, link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqHxtUW9mgI top 100 in game dunks by vc : u'll see what vince did, and still doo, like dunk over alonzo morning, over nocioni, no need to talk more. link : while searching in youtube for best dunker, sorry to say, but i didnt see any name josh smith or whateva, there was : VC, MJ most, and then juniors like josh, kobe, bron, etc. if u got anything t
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    Re: NBA im fan of Vince Carter (best dunker that was ever seen no doubt about that) so i gotta go with nets cuz VC plays there.. celtics got great team this year, hope they will adopt together. at spurs Tim Duncan & Tony Parker rocks, but i HATE fucing bruce bowen, he is most idiot on the nba, he always tries to injury other players.. he definitly sucks.
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