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  1. Re: Maresca (CM) + Mathijsen (CB): possible risers? Thanx to Jamboman & Biscuit. hope you're right bout Mathijsen. any more ideas on Maresca?
  2. does any1 think these guys could rise from 90 to 91 in the next rating changes? Maresca (Sevilla's CM/DM) has 11 starts + 2 subs (out of 16), scored 2 goals + 4 starts + 1 sub in UEFA. Sevilla is 2nd in La Liga atm. Mathijsen (Hamburg's CB) has 17 starts (out of 17) + 5 starts in UEFA. 4th place in Bundesliga atm. thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Re: Insider's thread. Risers, straight to the point. I can't see Portuguese young CB Daniel Carrico here. Aged 20, rated 75, playing for Sporting Lisbon, now in his first senior season, started last 5 games in Portuguese Liga (+1 as sub) and the last 2 matches in CL. When Tonel (Sporting's first choice for CB along wiith Polga) comes back from injury Carrico might not play that much from then on, but at least a +5 rise could happen i guess, when Portuguese ratings change (still far, i know). anyway i'm sure he will be playing on a regular basis next season and i wouldn't be surprised to see him hit some 88 in a year. also, BIG THANKS to Insider for this unique thread (the best and most profitable i've seen so far ...and please don't forget to add this boy.
  4. Re: Rick VERBEEK (Netherlands VVV Venlo) Rick VERBEEK has now been added to SM as a CM rated 75. First post on this thread has been updated also.
  5. VITOR BASTOS (not on DataBase yet) Name: Vitor BASTOS Age: 18 (1-11-1990) Height: 1.90m Nationality: Portuguese Position: CB Current club: Vitoria Guimaraes (Portuguese Liga) After 2 seasons in Vitoria Guimaraes young team, VITOR BASTOS made his first team debut today (30.11.2008), starting an away match against Sporting Lisbon, ending substituted after 46 minutes (& loosing for 2-0). With a physical and playing style similar to Ricardo Carvalho's (1 of his idols), BASTOS has been also a regular in U-17 & U-18 Portuguese national squads. A ticket will be sent to add him (after 450 minutes played...). Updates wiill follow.
  6. Re: Dutch Ratings right. Strootman is a LM, not a LB. and hope you were right bout those 80's. bought both a few days for a fortune like 200k for Strootman and 20k for Van Eijden
  7. Re: Dutch Ratings thank you for all these tips mr. trueblue. i already had a few added to 1 of my teams (Wuytens, Leo Veloso, Resodihardjo, Wolfswinkel, etc) but what do you think about these 2? - Kevin Strootman (Sparta's LB, 18y, rt 73, 9 starts, no subs) - Van Eijden (Willem II's RB, 20y, rt 71, 8 starts + 3 subs)? don't you think they deserve a good rise also?
  8. Re: Robbie Rogers - USA riser Funny nobody noticed but, 5 days ago i posted a thread on US league risers here. If you cared to check it, or just his stats, would have noticed this player (Rogers) wasn't expected to have any significant rise (as far as my predictions concerned, as they were all +3 at least... but i'm just a begginer, not an expert... ) there were also a few +5, +6 and 1 +7 predictions there... but i guess it's too late for buying any of them now... and btw, so far as US rate changes have gone (they just started today), my only +7 was confirmed (Andy IRO), 1 of my +6 predictions (Brad EVANS) turned out a +5 and i missed a +4 (Chad MARSHALL). so far...
  9. Ferry DE REGT Age: 20 (born 29.8.88 in the Netherlands) Position: RB / CB Height: 1.89m Fav. Foot: Right Current team: VVV Venlo (Netherlands 2nd League - Eerste Divisie) SM rate: 72 Ferry DE REGT debuted last season when VVV Venlo was in Dutch top league, starting 1 game only and playing 7 minutes more as a sub This season, after 17 games played, has 8 starts and 1 sub (all in the last 10 matches) Once the average rating at Venlo is 77 - 82, and if he keeps playing in the next weeks before Dutch ratings change, i predict a +5 rise at least Updates will follow
  10. Re: Rick VERBEEK (Netherlands VVV Venlo) Ticket sent thanks to you
  11. Re: Rick VERBEEK (Netherlands VVV Venlo) No i haven't. could you please tell me how?
  12. Rick VERBEEK (now added to SM as a CM w/ rate 75) Age: 19 (born 14.12.1988 - Netherlands) Position: CM (though not playing like a CM but rather as a LM or RM...) Height: 1.81m Current team: VVV Venlo (Netherlands 2nd League - Eerste Divisie) SM Rate & Value: 75 / 563k Debuting this season, VERBEEK has 13 starts, 2 subs & no goals (after 18 matches) Average rating @ Venlo is 77 - 82 (with 2 exceptions, rated 72 & 85). If he keeps playing could hit lower 80's by end of season. VVV Venlo, though relegated last season, are doing very well on top of Eerste Divisie, 10 points ahead of 2nd place, on way to return to Dutch top league Will update after Netherlands rating changes
  13. Re: Serhat KOÇ Thanks for your comment Martin. well i'd say a +4 minimum rise, depending if he moves to a 1st League team or not in January and if not, if he keeps scoring this way. but it sounds reasonable to me that he will move soon. What will happen next i don't know but since he's just 18 my advice is keep an eye on him and in next transfer window. like i said i'll try to keep this updated.
  14. Serhat KOÇ Age: 18 (born in Holland on July 18, 1990) Position: Forward Favourite foot: Right Height: 1.66m Current team: FC Eindhoven (Eerste Divisie - Holland's 2nd League) SM rate: 75 SM value: 578k Serhat KOÇ has debuted professionaly this season, having 16 starts + 1 sub (in 17 possible) and 11 goals (being the 2nd best scorer in Eerste Divisie so far, in a team whose actually placed 15th among 20). 2 teams are said to be chasing this little kid: Nancy (France) and Groningen (Holland) FC Eindhoven best rated player in SM is a 79 but i assume that if he moves to 1 of mentioned teams he will hit the 80's sooner or later. One more to keep an eye on. I'll try to keep this updated.
  15. VINCENZO RENNELLA Miss not this cannonball! (not on DB yet) Rennella, now 20 years old, born in France (8.10.88) but with Italian citizenship, is a 1.86m striker currently playing in Swiss 2nd League (Serie for AC Lugano. So far, he has an amazing score of 16 goals in 11 league matches this season (and no penalties) !!! not bad... Made his professional debut playing a single game for French side AS Cannes in 06/07, moving then to FC Lugano, where he played 29 matches last season, scoring 7 times. Now the best part... Last summer he signed a contract with Genoa but was left still in Lugano on loan, and... there are rumours (from this month) that the Italian door will open in January for him to join Genoa definitely. In the last couple of weeks though, German heroes TSG Hoffenheim and Swiss champions Basel are said to be after him If he's still gonna be a "cannonball" or not, after the next move, who knows, but i guess we gonna have the chance to hear about him very soon. Could someone please tell me how to ask SM to add him in case he joins Genoa or any other SM team in December / January? Thank you. I'll try to keep this updated.
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