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  1. Re: Your Favourite Team And Why? my favorite team is portsmouth because i stay here after moving from italy when i was very young. my dad also supports poertsmouth; he was born here. my mum hates football because she says it promotes violence and i agree sometimes it does like valencia vs inter milan a few years ago although i blame valencia for it 100%
  2. Re: Wingers haha im thinking you sayd that becos your name is also danny. dont worry im kidding only.
  3. Re: High Rated Risers zarate to 90 you gotta be kidding me. people saying ibisevic can't get 90 yet because is his 1st season and all that bs but with zarate suddenly is possibe. its pretty stupid because is his first season where he is really sdcoring goals last season he was at birmingham and they got relegated and he joined some arabian team. its stupid to have him at 90 if ibiseivc isnt at 90 in fact ibisevic shud be higher.
  4. Re: Wingers are you kidding mr wombat danny to rise that is ******** cos zenit are doing very badly right now. i seen fernandinho a few times in the champions league i think he is a very talented player and better than danny you are corretc tho cos rosina is at a small club unlikely to rise although is a safe 90 but i will say go for 1) barnetta 2) fernandinho 3) danny 4) rosina
  5. Re: Adriano Buss HENRIQUE *5-Star Buy* he cannot go higher than 88 i think because arturo vidal's perfomances have been better and he may rise only to 89 so 88 max for henrique
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i hav three deals that are tough to call. 1] xavi and yaya toure for gerrard 2] mascherano and f.torres for messi 3] higuain and 10mil for pato
  7. Re: El Clasico - Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid I think barcaare going to win this one comofrtably. real madrid are having a terrible run, they have a pathetic defensive record and are missing a lot of important players. Barcelona are scoring from every possible angle right now. Even thierry henry managed a hattrick last time they played[against valencia] so i would say 3 goal victory for barcelona either 3/0 oer 4/1
  8. Re: United close in on Tevez deal... WHAT?! i just want to update this thread althou there is no intrest @ all. article for miguel tevez
  9. Re: Austria, Denmark, Czech Rep, Germany, Netherlands & Slovakia changes, Dec 2007
  10. Re: Inaugural Edition : An Insider's look at... HOLLAND! Re Huntelaar, I don't think he will increase although his league form is great as Ajax are not in any form of European competition and he isn't playing much for Holland at the moment.
  11. Re: Giovanni Dos Santos vs. Bojan Krkic I think dos Santos is the better player at the moment. Only a year older than Bojan don't forget although it seems like he has been around for a loooong time. Both will be world class though as a lot of the others have said, and I firmly believe an extremely huge part of Barcelona's attacking future has been well taken care of
  12. Re: UEFA CUP 07/08 I thought Ajax didn't qualify for the UEFA Cup. Seems like they don't take it all that seriously to be honest. I though Helsingborgs were brilliant in their match, and was very surprised to see Lokomotiv Moscow losing to FC Copenhagen too...
  13. Re: The Forumer Of The Year 2007 official I have to agree with leigh there.
  14. Re: YEATES, Mark Judging by comparison I don't see why not.
  15. Re: Siem de Jong This guy looks like a good prospect actually! I just hope he doesn't end up like a few other of the Ajax players who show so much promise and end up bumming around on the bench or the reserves for a long part of their career. It seems a lot of these de Jongs are going places. Nice find there.
  16. Re: Next Generation Team - Suggestions? Sascha Studer in goal, 15-69. You could go for Celsinho, Pjanic. Both good prospects. Don't know much of Nordtveit at Arsenal, but with Wenger there he must be good.
  17. Re: Who to buy ? I'd go for Nesta out of the two. Try to invest in someone like Nemanja Vidic too, as he is fantastic.
  18. Re: Should I Sell Him??? Tough one, and he is very highly rated. I would see how much I could get a replacement for, ie. someone like Raul Garcia or Luka Modric, and if they can be bought for something like 20m, then I'd accept this. Hope this helps.
  19. Re: Best League van der Vaart is not at Wolfsburg, he's at Hamburg, mate.
  20. Re: Help using W/F W/Fs can either play wide on the flanks or up front. However their better position would be as a winger (stated first). You could also use them as the wide frontmen in a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 formation. Hope this helps.
  21. Re: Our Namesakes (google image search) Luigi Francesco:
  22. Re: Rolan Gusev increase/decrease or same rating? I seriously doubt he will go up, a decrese if anything. Hasnt been playing much for CSKA. If you're looking for a CM from there, try: Rahimic, Dudu, or Ramon. Hope it helps a bit.
  23. Re: Best League To be honest, the only major European league which manages to get its stadiums almost full consistently is the Bundesliga. Even when Karlsruhe plays Hannover, there seems to be a fantastic atmosphere with the stadiums nearly full. Best league though IMO is the Champions League:cool:
  24. Re: Right now im watching.... Currently the last show I watched was Ratatouille!
  25. Re: Russia 2 England 1 How on earth is that spamming? I have posted one post, not 700 in a row.
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