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  1. Re: Italian Ratings Gilardino decrease to 91 is someone having a laugh???? 7 goals from 14 starts
  2. Re: elmo's italian rating predictions Doni from Atalanta is the topscoring midfielder in Serie A at the moment so if you want a cheap buy that will go to 90-91 then he's your man. Currently rated 89.
  3. Re: Spanish Ratings No rise for Valdes or Iniesta yet.
  4. Re: Which Player Do I sign?? I suppose Ribery would be a good long term bet, but Xavi rating wont go down yet .
  5. Re: Which Player Do I sign?? Yeah I was thinking along those lines of putting gerrard in the middle and buying Ribery for the right. Right so Xavi or Ribery then lol!
  6. Right first off im managing Liverpool In an English Championship and in my current midfield ive got, Gerrard Mascherano Iniesta Robinho (CM/RM) Right heres my problem, ive got the opportunity to sign one of the below in exchange for mascherano :- Xavi 96 CM Ribery 94 W/AM Rossi 94 DM/CM Im just wondering which one would be the best bet or do I stick with Mascherano. Every Opinion would be appreciated.
  7. Re: elmo's italian rating predictions I think he would if Roma won something or he was at a bigger club. Something off topic but i've got a choice of de rossi, ribery or xavi who shall i go for??
  8. Re: elmo's italian rating predictions I reckon De Rossi Needs to up 1 into the 95 club.
  9. Re: Hobbo's Serie A Ratings Opinions. Balotelli has made one sub app lasting 2 minutes so I think he could go to 75 not much higher though. Pele has had 1 start and 6 sub app's 195 mins, I think well see him hit 80 Then we have Mr Giovinco who is considered Italys next big thing, he's currently on loan at Empoli from Juve. He's scored 3 goals from 8 Starts and 11 sub app's, with a total of 1001 mins played I think we can expect him to rise to 84/85 for now. I think he'll be back at Juve next season. Del Piero wont last forever and this seems to be the guy that will takeover his reins. Hope that helps
  10. Re: Hobbo's Serie A Ratings Opinions. Maniche Has Just Joined Inter and has so far made 1 start, So I think his rating will remain the same at 91. A good cheap buy though at 7m.
  11. Ive been spending alot of time looking at the Italian Ratings lately and giving my opinions in the Italian Ratings Thread, so for the first time im gonna give my own thread a try. Heres how it works, if you ask me if a player is going to Increase/decrease then I will give my honest opinion. Happy Bargain hunting
  12. Re: Italian Ratings Torino are quite far down in the league and he's not made any national team appearences to help either. I think he might be ok on 89 but never say never
  13. Re: Italian Ratings Crespos in for a definate drop. 92 is right I reckon. Played less than Suazo rated 91 who should drop as well. Cruz is 91 and should go upto 93 I reckon and Ibrahimovic has a chance of going upto 96.
  14. Re: Italian Ratings I would be shocked if Di Natale didnt rise by 1, Regular in the national team now as well. Here are his stats. League App 18 Starts 17 Goals 7 Mins 1607 National Team App 8 Starts 6 Goals 2
  15. Re: TomOwen's Portugal Rating Changes Predictions Another Porto one here, Paulo Assunção Rated 89 League App 16 Starts 16 Champions League App 6 Starts 6 He's Portos DM hence the reason he's scored no goals. Definately deserves an increases 90 is a certainty and 91 could be possible. Plays in Midfield alongside Quaresma 93, Meireles 90 and Lucho Gonzalez 93. He's 2nd in minutes racked up out of these 4 1 minute behind Quaresma. 91 therefore is possible.
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